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CSIT Labs has assisted 11 start-ups to date through the provision of three months engineering support each as well as business development focused workshops, mentoring and guidance. Applications for this programme have continued to increase year on year emphasising the growing demand for new cyber security solutions. The five companies were invited to pitch to industry leaders, SMEs, government policy makers and researchers from around the world at the 8th Annual World Cyber Security Summit hosted by CSIT. Having the opportunity to pitch to industry experts allowed us to expand our reach and broaden our network whilst gathering valuable feedback from those with a wealth of experience in the Cyber security industry. Our Innovation Review Board have worked diligently to review and select companies with a strong mix of technical challenge and market opportunity for this cohort. Plexal in the East London Innovation Centre, which is located on the fast-growing Here East digital and creative campus developed and owned by Delancey’s DV4 fund. SME in the last two years.

The government-funded centre for cyber security innovation will help position the UK as a global leader in the growing field of cyber security and keep the nation safe from online threats. LORCA will help some of the UK’s brightest cyber security stars across all stages of growth address business challenges and achieve greater impact with their innovative solutions. It has also announced the ten organisations that will make up its first cohort, including B-Secur which specialises in using biometric heartbeat solutions as a means of authentication, as well as for health and wellbeing purposes. LORCA has also announced that Lloyds Banking Group will be the first founding partner. As part of their mission to ensure the financial services sector is sufficiently prepared for cybercrime, Lloyds Banking Group will be closely involved in selecting and supporting innovators, over and above Government funding, with a specific focus on cyber security in the financial industry.

5m innovation centre in Plexal City at Here East, on the site of London’s Olympic Park. The threats posed to businesses by cyber-attacks are continually changing. We’re proud to be working with industry to understand their needs, with investors who can help develop the solutions scale at pace, and with incredible innovators who are helping secure UK’s position as a world leader in cyber security. By bringing all these things together in our new centre we will stay ahead and help British businesses grow and succeed. Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said: “Britain’s future prosperity will be based on its digital technology and no technology can work without cyber security so expanding this sector is critical to our future. It’s fantastic to open this new centre where some of our most talented entrepreneurs and innovative companies will develop the cyber security technology of tomorrow. This will boost London’s booming tech sector and benefit businesses across the country.

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9 billion to protect the nation from cyber threats, have introduced new laws to strengthen our defences, and developed a wealth of free help and guidance for businesses available through our National Cyber Security Centre. CSIT is delighted to be a partner in LORCA. We will replicate our unique innovation model to assist the startup community within the new centre. This will be achieved through our dedicated engineering support and delivery of an academic engagement and thought leadership programme. This is a strategically important initiative and we are excited to start working with the next wave of UK cyber innovators. We are supporting clients solve cyber challenges in over 150 countries.

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LORCA will connect innovators with these global market opportunities. We look forward to bringing our domain expertise to help amplify the impact of LORCA Members for the benefit of the UK economy. Queen’s, will create a stronger service and innovation driven engagement model of academic research to address global challenges within the cyber security industry. CSIT will work with local and international corporations, start-up companies and SMEs to form a strong response to cyber security attacks. The CSIT Test lab includes a high-speed network interconnected via a multi-gigabit optical fibre to the public Internet. The experimental test network is a collection of diverse information and communication technologies with unique connectivity properties.

It also includes a state-of-the-art Cyber Range, which is a virtual environment that is used for cyber-defence training and cyber technology development. With extended high-speed traffic capture and storage capability, the new lab will allow researchers at CSIT, and their partners, to undertake advanced malware monitoring and reverse engineering. Professor Sakir Sezer, Head of Connected Systems Security at CSIT, explains that this is a significant investment for the research community in Northern Ireland, with opportunities for supporting and promoting innovation within cybersecurity. With cyber-attacks and emerging threats becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, applied research and innovation in cybersecurity depends on data-sets and well equipped state-of-the-art experimental labs and shared research infrastructures. The CSIT Test Lab is one of the first UK-wide research infrastructures providing an experimental playground for both academia and industry to collaborate, innovate and share equipment, tools, experiments and data-sets. We are very proud of our new custom-built Cyber Range which will allow us to connect remotely and share our facilities on an ad-hoc basis with our partners in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. This new extension of the CSIT research infrastructure provides the essential technologies and tools to deliver critical services and training for the local Northern Ireland Cyber Security Cluster.

SMEs and start-ups will be able to access the latest cyber security technologies, infrastructure and synthetic test-data for testing and product validation through this impressive research facility. Training, interoperability and penetration testing support by CSIT for start-ups and SMEs are vital for competitive advantage, economic success and added value for the local economy. Ten new research and engineering jobs are being created at Queen’s University Belfast, to meet the demands of new contracts and the rapidly growing cyber security industry in Northern Ireland. 8th Annual World Cyber Security Summit. The Summit is focusing on security for a future digital society and the growth of new cyber security companies. The jobs at CSIT, which range from graduate level to principal engineer, will focus on creating industry-viable products to crack down on cyber attacks and make networks more resilient.

Some 1,100 people are employed in the cyber security industry in Northern Ireland with 80 staff currently employed at CSIT. The cyber security industry in Northern Ireland is growing rapidly and we are pleased to be recruiting ten new research and engineering staff, who will make a positive impact across the globe, ensuring that networks are more resilient and less likely to be attacked. It is also a welcome boost for the local economy in Northern Ireland. At CSIT, our experts work closely with many high profile partners to shape and direct the research agenda and ensure that there is strong commercial and societal impact. With graduate level jobs to principal engineer, we are helping to develop the next generation of industry leaders to address the widespread demand for cyber security professionals and technologies. 5 million cyber innovation centre in London. Located in the East End’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the London Cyber Innovation Centre will help secure the UK’s position as a global leader in cyber security innovation.

2018 Exclusive briefing with Former Secretary of U. Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff on Friday, April 20th, 2018 at the ECIT Institute, Queen’s Road, Belfast. The event was attended by many individuals from Northern Ireland’s cyber community and was a fantastic opportunity to get a global insight into the cyber security issues and grand challenges that the industry faces today. Cyber security issues are now among the most significant that the world faces. That means we have to collaborate together to come up with strategies that are reasonable but effective because we have a global system, and if one part of that system fails the ripple effect is felt throughout the entire system.

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I always liken cyber security issues to health issues. The human body keeps out a lot of dangers but it also recognises that there will be bacteria, germs and viruses that will get in and so we want to build resilience to fight back against infection. There is a similar approach in cyber security. I was very impressed with CSIT and glad to have the opportunity to speak there. For those who were not able to attend this insightful event, a short video is now available highlighting some of the key discussions explored on the day.

For any queries please contact d. 5 million cyber innovation Centre in London. Located in the East End’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the London Cyber Innovation Centre will help secure the UK’s position as global leader in cyber security innovation. It will act as a convening force in the UK cyber security community, working closely with existing national cyber security innovation hubs and international centres of excellence to help position the UK as a world leader in cyber security solutions. Plexal and Deloitte and will play a key role in the Centre. This new centre in the Olympic Park will build on the site’s legacy of excellence and spark a wave of creativity to develop tomorrow’s technology and protect the nation from the increasing cyber threat.

Cyber security is a significant societal challenge which CSIT is addressing through its globally recognised research excellence. Building on our unique model of innovation, CSIT will deliver cutting edge academic research insights and engineering resources to the 72 start-ups based at LCIC. The project will support engineering and innovation jobs here in Belfast and deliver wider economic benefits to the region. CSIT has been at the forefront of UK cyber security research, innovation and economic impact since being established in 2009. During this time our Centre has utilised a unique model of innovation which marries world leading academic research with industrially experienced engineering capability to establish and support the growth of cyber security companies across the UK and helping them reach new markets across the globe. UK’s largest cyber security focused university technology research, development and innovation centre. The theme of CSIT’s research roadmap is securing our digital tomorrow.

The London Cyber Innovation Centre will boost the thriving East London digital cluster, spur the development of cutting-edge technology in this rapidly growing industry, and help to mitigate critical security risks facing businesses across all sectors. It will help introduce fresh innovations into established commercial markets, shortening implementation lag and attracting vital talent and investment into the UK. A catalyst for startups, the Centre will run six accelerator programmes over three years, driving the development of solutions for the most pressing global cyber security challenges. Forging relationships between buyers, investors, leading academics and entrepreneurs. Startups accepted to the cohort programmes will receive world-class technical support, state-of-the-art testing facilities, dedicated engineering support, mentoring and business advice. The Centre will work with large organisations to closely understand their specific challenges and support the innovators who will help solve them.

An industry led Innovation Forum will bring in members of large organisations to ensure each cohort addresses challenges directly relevant to the market. The UK has a strong heritage in information security innovation and a healthy business environment for start-ups to scale. Our future international standing will depend on the delivery of a robust and forward-thinking cyber security sector which will enable us to drive the 4th industrial revolution: a future where intelligent automation, regulatory compliance and seamless orchestration across business tools is natural. The new Centre will provide UK cyber innovators with a platform to develop their products with exactly the right market fit. We are delighted to support with both our extensive cyber domain expertise and global market access. The London Cyber Innovation Centre will be the launch pad for a whole generation of new cyber security companies, benefiting both the UK’s economy and its security. Four employees from Kainos are celebrating as they graduate together from Queen’s University today with a Master’s in Applied Cyber Security.

The group completed their MSc in just one year while working and costs were covered by Kainos. They are now graduating with distinction and are equipped with new insights and knowledge which they can apply in their roles. I was unsure of what it would be like to start with but I really loved it. Titanic Quarter, which was a great setting. The staff at Queen’s are at the top of their game, it was a great environment for learning. The MSc modules were extremely relevant to what we do in the IT industry, and therefore the things we learned made sense and were applicable.

It was really fun as well. We learned how to detect network attacks, diagnose malware and understand how cryptography works. Working and studying was a challenge but David says it was all worthwhile and he is looking forward to putting his new skills to use. Being honest, it was hard at first.

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I travel two to three days a week with work so I found myself spending a lot of time doing assignments in hotels, coffee shops or airports. You get used to surprisingly quickly though. You get a real sense of achievement in completing an assignment. I’m leading the cyber security capability in my company, Kainos, and this MSc has directly helped with that aspect of my job. Belfast and looking ahead I hope to spend some time in Boston and Washington DC on a Strengthening Cyber Security exchange programme. UK and will be a global hub for research and innovation in hardware security over the next five years.

RISE will tackle the global problem of cyber threats through four initial component projects, which will be led by UK research partners from Queen’s University, the University of Cambridge, University of Bristol and University of Birmingham. An advisory board will also be created to allow member companies and stakeholders to engage with the research and to inform future funding calls around the Institute’s research challenges. Following a competitive call by EPSRC and NCSC in March 2017 for a new research institute in Hardware Security, Professor Maire O’Neill, a leading cryptography expert at Queen’s University, was selected as Director. Based at CSIT, Professor O’Neill will work towards increasing the nation’s academic capability in all fields of hardware security. In 2015, CSIT received a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for strengthening global cyber security and protecting the online activity of billions of internet users around the world.

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The Internet of Things has led to increased demand for hardware security research and innovation with growing security needs in embedded and networking devices, as well as in cloud services. An increase in the use of smart devices means that there are now many new attack methods and surfaces for criminals and hackers to exploit. Counterfeit devices are also an issue, which could lead to cloned hardware and further attack surfaces for hackers. There is huge demand for hardware security research and innovation.

As CSIT is renowned for its high-quality research in this field, and its emphasis on commercialisation of research, we are delighted to host RISE. RISE is in an excellent position to become the go-to place for high quality hardware security research. A key aim is to bring together the hardware security community in the UK and build a strong network of national and international research partnerships. We will also work closely with leading UK-based industry partners and stakeholders, transforming research findings into products, services and business opportunities, which will benefit the UK economy. The new Research Institute will increase our understanding of hardware security technology, leading to pioneering new approaches and fostering collaboration between leading researchers, the National Cyber Security Centre and industry partners to make the UK a more resilient nation. I’m delighted to see the formation of our latest Research Institute, RISE, concentrating on the potential of new hardware security technologies. I think that the inclusion of hardware-based security capabilities in commodity devices could be a game changer in our fight to reduce the harm of cyberattacks and so I’m really pleased to see a strong set of initial research projects.

As we announce today major new investments in Northern Ireland’s cyber security sector we can reflect upon its significant contribution to the NI economy. Invest Northern Ireland today announced major investments which will bolster Northern Ireland’s cyber security sector. US based cyber security firm Anomali will create 120 new jobs with the opening of its European Research and Development Labs in Belfast. Northern Ireland is enjoying a growing international reputation as a region of expertise and knowledge in cyber security. D Labs, and a significant investment by CSIT will only see this reputation continue to grow. US cyber security companies with an eye for international expansion. 1million in additional salaries for the Northern Ireland economy.

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The roles on offer will provide valuable opportunities for talented graduates and experienced staff across a range of disciplines, including software engineering and sales. With global headquarters in Redwood City, California, Anomali provides cyber security solutions to help organisations identify and respond to security threats. Anomali aggregates and optimizes threat intelligence regarding malicious cyber actors, delivering this information to organisations to detect threats in real time. Anomali has emerged as the leader in threat intelligence solutions, which has driven our rapid growth. As our customer base expanded globally we looked for ways we can grow our own operations and serve the needs of the market.

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We are pleased to make Belfast the new base for developing new products and scaling our business in Europe and beyond. 23 of the positions are already in place. With the support of Invest NI, we have committed to making this strategic investment in Northern Ireland to drive innovation and support our global ambitions. CSIT, the UK’s lead university centre for cyber security research, is based at Queen’s University Belfast and encourages collaboration among academics, researchers, engineers, industry and government to accelerate the results of cyber and physical security research through to commercial application. 5m of assistance to support the next stage of its research strategy.

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D encompasses a very complex technology project which will be undertaken by a team of experts over a five year period and will help to grow the cyber security cluster in Northern Ireland. CSIT’s contribution to research and development enhances Northern Ireland’s reputation as a world leader in cyber security and has seen the development of some of the latest technologies and solutions to help businesses tackle the continued threats from operating in a digital environment. The economic benefits of the cyber security industry to Northern Ireland are evident which is why we have identified it as one of our growth priorities within our new Business Strategy. CSIT’s position as the UK’s national Innovation and Knowledge Centre for cyber security research reflects the critical mass of researchers who are working with industrially experienced engineers to accelerate the translation of new innovations in this area through to global markets. This core funding from Invest NI has been fundamental in enabling us to leverage further support and investment from EPSRC, InnovateUK and Queen’s University as well as leading international businesses such as Allstate and Equiniti to help address this significant global challenge and economic opportunity. Through our CSIT Labs programme we are helping the next generation of cyber security start-ups and SMEs such as B-Secur and Uleska scale-up and compete internationally. Invest NI’s support is part funded by ERDF under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.

7th World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit. For researchers and technologists the focus of the event is security for a future digital society but for the commercially minded, the growth of new cyber security companies and the positive economic impact of the industry is top of the agenda. The cutting-edge cyber centre has also today announced that Direct Line Group PLC, the UK’s largest retail general insurer, owning brands such as Direct Line Churchill and Green Flag, has become a Full Member and official partner of CSIT. This is an exciting time for the growing cyber security business sector in Northern Ireland. At CSIT we are at an inflection point in our development. The industry is seeing significant growth which we are supporting through our internationally leading research and innovation activities. This is also helping in the development of the next generation of industry leaders to address the widespread demand for cyber security professionals and technologies.

The shortfall for this is currently estimated to be between one and two million people globally. CSIT works with many high profile industry partners to shape and direct its research agenda so that it has strong commercial and societal impact. Partnering with Direct Line represents a further expansion of CSIT’s reach into the insurance and financial services sector. The arrangement will allow Direct Line to benefit from the Centre’s research knowledge and innovation and both parties will work together to develop board-level training around cyber resilience, awareness, desktop exercises and simulations, ensuring that Direct Line is equipped to tackle cyber security threats and events. We are pleased to announce a partnership with CSIT, one of the top cyber security research clusters in the European Union. Media inquiries and interviews to Emma Gallagher on emma. Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research’ status which was first awarded in 2012.

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As part of the award, Queen’s, along with the other 13 Centres of Excellence, will help make the UK government, business and consumers more resilient to cyber attack by extending knowledge and enhancing skills in cyber security. Based at the Northern Ireland Science Park in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, CSIT is home to the UK’s largest cyber-security research cluster. In 2015, the Centre received a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for strengthening global cyber security and protecting the online activity of billions of internet users around the world. University’s Global Research Institutes, which focus on interdisciplinary research in areas of major societal change. Cyber security is a major global challenge, with cyber crime increasing at an alarming rate. The need for strong and resilient cyber security technologies has never been greater. CSIT is home to some of the world’s foremost cyber security experts and is at the forefront of efforts to protect the UK from cyber attacks.

Our continued recognition as a centre of excellence by NCSC highlights the international quality of the research carried out at CSIT and its contribution and impact in ensuring the UK is a safe and secure place to do business. It’s fantastic to see so many leading universities committed to trailblazing improvements to the UK’s cyber security research, and it is particularly good to see Scotland represented for the first time. At the NCSC, we are absolutely committed to maintaining and improving our already strong reputation as a global leader in cutting edge research, and look forward to collaborating with these establishments to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. This Government is determined to make the UK the safest place in the world to live, work and do business online.