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You need to login to do this. Still more effective than shooting him. I don’t know if I’ve all The Proof You Need To Know The Alphas At Hampton Don’t Play this, but I am the morning star, the fallen one, the first and most damned child of creation.

Magic is the power of creation, children. For whatever reason, some characters can ignore another character’s powers. It’s almost as if it were a make believe children’s game where one of the kids refuses to “play by the rules” and insists they’re invincible and immune to their playmate’s imaginary powers. The trope’s name is a term used in Professional Wrestling circles. In all types of acting, “selling” means an actor reacts as if he had been hit hard when the attack didn’t make contact or was harmlessly light. Immune to Flinching is a related trope primarily seen in video games, where the character actually is getting injured by the attack, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it because the attacks don’t disrupt their movements at all. The inversion is No Saving Throw.

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Other ways of affecting it still matter, though, as does, in the case of creatures, reducing toughness to zero. Protection from X” means that a creature cannot be damaged by anything with property X, enchanted or equipped with anything with property X, blocked by anything with property X, or targeted by anything with property X. Regenerate” works similar to indestructible with a few caveats and usually with a cost, although one badass creature automatically regenerates. Madness” means you can play it, for its madness cost, when you are forced to discard it.

And a small number of creatures will automatically go to the battlefield if discarded. Counterspells function as a No Sell to the opponent’s attempt to use magic. Uncounterable spells are, in turn, the No Sell to counterspells. Finally there are two cards that instantly end the turn and function as a No Sell to anything and everything that is currently happening. Cards like Fog and Holy Day allow a player to ignore an attack from a whole army. Lich’s Mirror and Platinum Angel allow their control to ignore anything would make them lose the game. Angel’s Mercy gives similar reprieve, albeit monetarily.

He allows Teferi’s disguised ultimate attack to hit, which should have put him in stasis for eternity. Nicol laughs it off and then rips him into tiny pieces. Nicol Bolas does the same thing to the Gatewatch on Amonkhet. He is particularly unimpressed with Chandra unleashing fire magic against him, pointing out that she’s trying to burn a dragon.

Game objects that are phased out probably take it furthest, they are “treated as if they didn’t exist” and ignore everything. True-Name Nemesis No Sells anything a chosen opponent can throw at it short of a board wipe. Creatures, and the very occasional player, with shroud or hexproof are immune to anything that would specifically target them. A pair of trap cards known as Spirit Barrier and Astral Barrier.

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Spirit Barrier prevents the player from taking damage, as long as they have a monster on the field, but monsters can still take damage. With Astral Barrier the player can take attacks for the monsters instead. Similarly, Waboku No Sells all attacks for the rest of the turn while Negate Attack both No Sells the current attack and ends the Battle Phase, preventing any more attacks from coming. Vennominga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakes has it’s own version. Like the Anime’s God Cards, it has protection from all spell, trap and monster effects, and can remove from play another snake from the grave to revive itself if it dies. Anomalocaris and the Burgesstoma traps, when summoned as monsters, are unaffected by the effects of other monsters. Vanguard gains its own Destroyer Deity in “Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze” with immunity from all card effects.

It cannot be locked, retired, or dealt damage from effects allowing Gyze to ignore all card effects that might harm it or the player. Ambuscade can’t be damaged while in stealth mode. Citizen Dawn can “merge with the power of the sun” for several turns of invulnerability. Tempest’s incapacitated side can make the entire team immune to one damage type for a turn. Ra’s Flesh of the Sun God makes him immune to fire, and can make the entire team immune to fire for a turn with a power use. Ra is also able to turn all the team’s damage into fire with a different card.

Advanced Gloomweaver is immune to melee and projectile damage, as is Shu of the Ennead. Mr Fixer with Jack Handle turns self-inflicted damage into a rain of blows on all enemies. Most of Grand Warlord Voss’s minions are immune to the kind of damage they deal, and his flying battleships are unsurprisingly melee-resistant. With Null-Point Calibration Unit out, Absolute Zero isn’t just immune to ice damage, he actually heals from it. The grand prize, however, goes to Legacy.

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Next Evolution and the Legacy Ring, two kinds. Throw on Danger Sense and Legacy also ends up immune to environmental damage. Then, for real comedy, add in Lead From The Front against an enemy who only deals one or two kinds of damage, and watch Legacy tank an effectively arbitrary amount of punishment. In Red Dragon Inn, each character has an “I Don’t Think So!

Originally this was described as “nothing less then a bursting shell” could pierce his skin but Power Creep over the years has upgraded this such that anything less powerful then nuclear weapons doesn’t have a prayer and even those can be no more then a mild inconvenience. In “The Super-Duel in Space”, the first battle with Brainiac had Superman the victim of this trope. Thanks to the villain’s forcefield, nothing Superman could throw bothered him, or his ship. Superman even tried throwing chunks of an asteroid the size of islands to no avail. Superman: Won’t anything defeat that super-alien?

Brainiac: You’re only wearing yourself out, “Punyman”! Even if you threw the Earth itself, it would only bounce off my Ultra-Force shield! Where this trope gets interesting is with his alter-ego, Clark Kent. Superman is no less invulnerable than usual while living as a civilian, but he needs to pretend to be normal to protect his secret identity.

On at least one occasion, he’s shown deliberating how he should best sell an incoming attack so as not to let an aggressor know who he is. In Krypton No More, Superman hits super-villain Protector with a giant pipe, but Protector changes his body into diamond and the pipe shatters upon impact. In War World, Pre-Crisis Superman punches The Spectre in the stomach. Superman hits him with his full might.

The sheer force of the blow makes the nearby cliffs tremble and demolishes the ground beneath his feet. To me, your angriest blows are no more than the whisper of snowflakes! In The Death of Superman, Doomsday is practically wiping the floor with the Justice League with one arm bound behind his back. So they all decide to hit him with everything that they’ve got. After nearly exhausting their energy, they decide to quit thinking there’s no way Doomsday could still be standing.

286 Lex Luthor shot at her with a machine gun even though he should know better than anybody how tough Kryptonians are. Naturally, she stood still while the bullets bounced off. In Many Happy Returns, super-villain rebel shoots a beam weapon at Kara. Kara stands her ground as several laser rays “hit” her and asks if they were supposed to hurt because she is feeling nothing.

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Red Daughter of Krypton: Two Red Lanterns test a machine launches missiles tipped with a touch of neutron star core matter on Kara. In The Supergirl from Krypton Wonder Woman’s bracelets deflect Supergirl’s heat vision and later Darkseid’s Omega Beams. In the Legion of Super-Heroes comics, Nemesis Kid’s ability to adapt to his enemy’s powers is frequently applied this way. And in the LSV War, Blok was suddenly revealed to be immune to telepathic abilities after the villain Esper Lass tried to control his mind: “I am BLOK, Esper Lass and your power has no claim on me!

In Gotham City Garage, a solar-powered weapon explodes in Kara’s hands. Given she is sun-powered, it works right as you’d expect. Wonder Woman: Darkseid planted multiple Apokoliptican bombs all over Olympus, and set them off. The smoke cleared — and the city was unharmed.

Since it exists because of the will of the gods, the whole city could No Sell the explosion. Marvel Universe are sometimes unaffected by each other’s abilities. The Mighty Thor completely No Sells Titania when she tried to attack him in the first Secret Wars storyline. Titania was drunk on her new-found power and thought nothing could stop her, so she just charged right in.

When icicles doth grace Surter’s firey realm. No Sell it just by thinking of it unfortunately, while he does that, she’ll just think up a few other powers to continue with. The second issue of US-1 featured an ordinary trucker who was tough enough to completely ignore being hit in the head with a wrench. This is one of Popeye’s trademarks. The sailor’s ability to take punishment has stymied more foes than his ability to dish it out. In one memorable instance, Popeye gets shot in the stomach at point-blank range, only to spit the bullets out into his hand.

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As he tells his stupified attacker, “What, didja think I was a softy? The Forgotten Realms comics had a brief demonstration of magic immunity and circumvention thereof. It ran thusly: Nameless Cyricist: Give up! I cannot be harmed by your spells. But are you equally immune to falling masonry? One recurring method of Easy Evangelism in Chick Tracts is when a follower of a non-Christian religion that worships demons sics them at the pure innocent Christian du-jour, only for God to ward of the attack completely.

A supposedly invincible character who feels no pain is shown to be terribly useless. And then he was murdered when someone taped him to a chair and tied a plastic bag over his head while he slept. The tactic itself is discussed in a Tangled Web of Spider-Man story starring Crusher Hogan, the wrestler who Peter Parker beat when he first got his powers. Hogan, a shooter, is unhappy with his opponent no-selling his hits for the crowd and threatens to break his arms if it keeps happening. The classic Spider-Man vs Wolverine comic ends with Spidey fighting Wolverine in an East German graveyard.

Spider-Man is legitimately pissed off, and trying to pummel Wolverine, but: “I’m hitting him hard enough to wreck cars and I can’t get him to stop smiling. Used in a 2000 AD Judge Dredd story when the titular judge is fighting an other-dimensional being known as Judge Fear, whose “hat” is to kill by revealing its face which causes the person seeing the face of fear to die of fright. Judge Dredd: Gaze into the fist of Dredd! Petalwing laughs and invites Cutter to try. Narration: Cutter squeezes the tiny creature with all his might! Your skin’s as tough as thick leather!

Cutter: Stop it, or I’ll pull this one’s wings off! Scarecrow also once tried using his fear toxin on Joker. Joker took it without flinching and proceeded to beat up Scarecrow with a chair. Whether this is due to Joker’s messed-up biology or messed-up mind is up for debate. When written right, this is what makes the Juggernaut such a fearsome foe – with power of Cyttorak, he becomes the unstoppable force the moment he starts moving. This is why, especially in the early days, everyone made a scramble to remove his helmet and hit him with a psychic blast as nothing else worked.

He was similarly dismissive of dozens of cops and soldiers repeatedly shooting him and attacking him. In Atomic Robo volume 7, Val Akilinov is completely immune to the deleterious effects of alcohol. At one point, a character who’s had less to drink than her concludes she’s too inebriated to fly and hands the plane controls over to Val. Black Moon Chronicles: Methraton takes a full-powered attack from Lucifer himself and comes out of it with an expression of mild irritation, like someone threw a rock at Dr. In the Batman storyline “I Am Suicide”, the Ventriloquist ends up confronting the Psycho Pirate, who attempts to use the Medusa Mask on him. It doesn’t work as the Ventriloquist suddenly slugs him as Scarface takes over, represented by his hand moving. Transformer and he eventually develops ways to use it on organics to.

In Vigil, XCOM’s first encounter with the geth result in them discovering that their plasma weaponry just harmlessly bounces off the geth’s kinetic barriers. The author Showed Their Work by explaining that plasma has mass, meaning that it can be stopped by kinetic barriers, and space is an extremely effective insulator preventing most of the heat from reaching the hulls of the geth ships. The Immortal Game: Applejack is able to do this to most attacks due to her Healing Factor and some armor that Twilight enchants for her. Titan later does this to the Elements of Harmony and depowers them at the same time by simply saying no.

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Jewel of Darkness: Midnight’s powers allow her to block most attacks, including Jinx’s magic, though she has to concentrate for that to work. The metal composing Razor’s body not only blocks energy attacks, but the strength of the metal makes it painful for anyone performing a physical attack. Guerra has a tendency to No Sell attacks due to a combination of his body mass and super strength. My Little Mages: The Nightmare’s Return: Nightmare Moon is so insanely powerful that she’s able to shrug off the attacks of every mage in Magiville at once. Iron Will, thanks to sheer strength and muscle mass. The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: The Stare doesn’t work on Herald at all.

Subverted with the Elements of Harmony, which not only does he admit might actually work on him, when unleashed vaporize him completely. While it doesn’t kill him, it still banishes him back from whence he came and allows Celestia and Luna time to seal the way he got to Equestria before. Dark Messiah features the card Double Pinaska, a Dashing Hispanic capable of negating one attack per game. A villain example, the Valeyard No Sells Twilight’s Memory Spell, because he isn’t the Discorded Doctor, but a pure evil regeneration of him. There’s one moment in the Shining Armor Arc that solidifies the Blank Wolf’s status as an Implacable Man. And that’s when Shining shoots a flare at it, and the Wolf eats it.

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The Changeling General Hercules has Instant Armor on his forelegs that lets him easily block most attacks without flinching, but most attacks that actually make contact don’t really phase him at all. No Sells Nightmare Mirror’s Truth Vision, even fooling her with a Ninja Log. She explains that this is because Mirror is an incomplete Nightmare and Anasi is the complete Concept of Trickery and thus her powers trump Mirror’s, while Mirror’s corresponding Alicorn is her even match. Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami has so, so many of these, mostly introduced by way of convoluted plot twists.

Subverted in the fighting game Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku, the Typhoon weather effect creates this for both fighters with a twist: both fighters still take damage. Ship-sized example: Star Destroyers utterly ignore the most powerful Reaper weapons that tear normal Citadel ships in half. Shepard’s entire team unloads into her. Sarah’s line, though against a smaller show of force. You might think a Mad Scientist would ensure this trope would be in play so that anything created For Science! Your technologies and mental abilities cannot influence us.

In Princess Celestia Gets Mugged, Princess Celestia, while disguised as a pegasus named Sunny Skies, is ambushed by muggers who decide to kidnap her once they discover she’s nobility. They hit her in the back of the head to knock her outand she just feels like someone hit her with a pillow. Blood Master with a full volley from a Meltagun. Swarm knows what a point blank Meltagun blast is like.

Starburst’s Fear Lantern ring has an ability called Fear Shine, which causes those exposed to it to experience and be crippled by their worst fears. In Wizard Runemaster the last 23 Veela use their allure on Harry’s party. Early in Reaching for a Dream Naruto accidentally creates a technique that renders him immune to genjutsu by making his chakra too dense for enemy chakra to navigate. There’s an earlier example that’s played for laughs — when Rainbow Dash is facing Maulgrim in a joust at the Crystal Fair, she bodyslams him full force in the chest and only succeeds in knocking herself out. Tex does this to most of the mane 6’s attacks during their brief fight. A few chapters later, the Meta does this much more darkly, even to Fluttershy’s Stare! In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Maledict is basically immune to Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Eric combined.

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In Guardian, Lady Ginnem’s pilgrimage meets a fatal end in Yojimbo’s Cavern when they encounter a skeletal monster that brushes aside every attack she, Lulu, and her Warrior Monk sister can throw at it, including Shiva. Sunset Shimmer throws at her before it even hits her, at least until Sunset realizes what’s going on. In Thousand Shinji, a Rubric Marine took a missile to his face during the siege of NERV. In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Red has the Bloodline Victory Sight, which allows him to analyze opposing trainers and Pokémon in miliseconds, allowing him to determine the most likely ways to win any battle. Attempting to use it on Ash utterly fails, due to his unpredictable battle style.

To the shock of all who witness it, Ranma Saotome can tank blaster shots with ease in A Horse for the Force. 3 out of rage after he realizes that it his presence and intervention allowed Mr. 3 to get a second chance from Crocodile, and allowed him to kill countless civilians and Marines in Rainbase. 3 neutralizes it with hardly a thought, and even lampshades it. Miss Goldenweek due to having basically emotionally castrated herself, Lindy due to having such bizarre sexual preferences, Bartolomeo because he’s too dedicated to Luffy, and Apis because she’s too young to feel lust. Pokémon of a sufficiently higher level in Challenger can basically ignore attacks from lower level ones. As a test, Giovanni lets Ash’s Charmander attack his Nidoqueen and the latter is at most mildly amused by said attacks.

Naruto in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto can outright ignore fire jutsu due to his immense affinity for the element. In Weight Of The World America and Canada are completely immune to Emerald’s hallucination Semblance, much to her frustration. This immunity puts them on Cinder’s radar as potential threats to her plans. In Hercules, Hades agrees to let Hercules dive into the pool of ghosts at the center of the underworld, so he can retrieve the soul of his deceased girlfriend Megara. Subtly in The Princess and the Frog: Dr. Facilier’s charisma and persuasion is a No Sell on Tiana, while it was effective on every other character he used it on.

Mathematical logic[edit]

In Kung Fu Panda 2, Tigress mentions that she has spent the last 20 years punching ironwood trees both as a way to work out anger and to toughen up. When she spars with Po, he punches her outstretched palm and hurts himself, and she doesn’t even blink. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po attempts to send Kai back to the Spirit Realm using the Wuxi Finger Hold that he used to defeat Tai Lung, but unfortunately it only works on mortals. Peabody is an expert at hypnosis, but he fails to hypnotize social worker Mrs. Once per Episode in the Terminator films. For the most part of the first movie, the agents in The Matrix, then Neo during and after the climax, and throughout the series until he fought the Oracle-empowered Smith. When Lone Star tries to give the Vulcan neck pinch to one of the Spaceballs, it has no effect.

The Spaceball then says “No, no, no, stupid. You’ve got it much too high. It’s down here where the shoulder meets the neck. Lone Star then tries again at that location while asking “Like this? Magneto performs a No Sell of his own, thanks to his telepathy-blocking helmet: while the mind-controlled Xavier is attacking the mutants of the world with his powers, Magneto is completely immune to the psychic attack that has literally every other mutant on Earth writhing on the ground in agony.

Shaw’s helmet, later Magneto’s, enables him to protect himself from Xavier’s abilities. In the climax, he enters a psychic-proof chamber in his submarine, and he still wears the helmet. This turns out to be a perfectly sensible precaution. There is a Call-Back to this in Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Being shot at by an army is a concern for Luke, but being shot at by one man is not. The novel I, Jedi shows that one Force power Jedi have is to absorb energy. Vader may have been using the same ability in The Empire Strikes Back.

Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt: “Your mind powers will not work on me, boy. The Phantom Menace: Watto: “What you think you are, some kind of Jedi, waving your hand around like that? Mind tricks don’t work on me, only money. In the prequel trilogy, both Count Dooku and Palpatine try to use Force lightning against Yoda, who just absorbs it with his hands. Obi-Wan and Mace Windu have to block it with their lightsabers. Worf Barrage and then when Kylo Ren personally tries to slash him in half with his lightsaber. It’s because he’s not actually there, but simply projecting his presence across the galaxy using the Force.

In Superman Returns, one criminal tries to shoot Supes in the eye. The only effect is a little ‘doink’ sound. Barbossa does something similar in the first film after Elizabeth stabs him with a kitchen knife. Barbossa: I’m curious: after killin’ me, what was your next plan? Variation in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy is fighting the massive German mechanic at the airfield. The mechanic obviously feels the punches and grunts with each hit, but he doesn’t even move despite Indy throwing his fists full-force into his jaw.