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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Villa Santo-Sospir belongs to Madame Alec Weisweiller,” says the narrator. It dominates Cape Santo Sospir, the last point on the map before arriving on Cape Ferrat. The villa is situated on the road to the afghans for All Seasons-book01 and its rocks descend to the sea.

So far this could be any of the myriad popular television houses about big, expensive houses in exotic places. Weisweiller, writes Vogue’s Stephen Todd, was “a Parisian socialite and patron of Yves Saint Laurent,” and the cousin of Nicole Stéphane, Elisabeth in Cocteau’s Les Enfants Terribles. It was Stéphane who introduced the two during filming. If you decorate one wall of a room, you have to do them all. Matisse contributed to the decoration of the house, as did Picasso and Chagall. You can see it in La villa Santo Sospir, the 40-minute film he made about the project in 1952, with more recent images available at Atlas Obscura. Most of the house’s imagery comes from Greek mythology, even the entryway mosaics, one of which depicts the head of Orpheus.

Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and broadcasts on cities and culture. His projects include the book The Stateless City: a Walk through 21st-Century Los Angeles and the video series The City in Cinema. As a historical claim it is impossible to verify. But the aphorism has an authoritative ring, the unmistakable sound of truism. What if we put it another way?

Every age gets the journalism it deserves. I offer as exhibit one Hunter S. Only a gonzo time like the late 60s and 70s could have produced the gonzo journalist, just as only such a time could have nurtured the journalistic writing of Tom Wolfe, Terry Southern, Joan Didion, James Baldwin, etc. Do we find our current crop of journalists lacking in moral courage, righteous fury, death-defying risk-taking, gallows humor, literary reach, thoroughgoing independence of thought? The failing industry may be to blame, one might argue, and with good reason. Or perhaps, with deference to de Maistre, we have not deserved better. Hari Kunzru writes at the London Review of Books.

In his later years, the legend turned his reputation for excess into a kind of schtick. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that the culture changed but Hunter didn’t, for better or worse. In the clips here, you can see many of those appearances, first, at the top, from 1987, then below it, from 1988. 87 episode inexplicably conducted in a Times Square hotel room. All of Thompson’s appearances are unpredictable and slightly unnerving, and become more so in later years. When have you slept last, Hunter? Read 11 Free Articles by Hunter S.

Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham, NC. During a recent dinner a few friends and I found ourselves reminiscing about formative moments in our collective youth. The conversation took a decidedly downbeat turn when a nationally televised moment we all remembered all too well came up: the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Like millions of other schoolkids at the time we had been glued to the live broadcast, and became witnesses to horror. The contrast with our parents’ indelible memories of a televised space broadcast from seventeen years earlier could not be starker. Then there were the intermittent 1201 and 1202 program alarms, which neither the LM crew nor Houston had encountered in any of the training simulations.

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The film viewers saw on their screens was not, of course, a live feed—CBS did not have cameras in space or on the moon—but rather an animation. The animation was based on the scheduled landing time and evidently couldn’t be adjusted. The scheduled time was overshot because of the crater and boulders situation mentioned above. There were, however, cameras mounted on the Lunar Module, and that 16mm footage of the landing, which you can see above, was later released. Armstrong, Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed on the moon.

Armstrong and Aldrin walked around and collected samples for two hours, then returned safely to Earth. Read more about this extraordinary event at NASA and Kottke. Gus Van Sant Adapts a Story by William S. Everyone who’s read Jack Kerouac knows what it means to go visit the sage Old Bill Lee.

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And even many who haven’t read Kerouac know who Old Bill Lee really was: innovative writer, Beat Generation elder statesman, and substance enthusiast William S. The resulting nine-minute short puts images to Burroughs’ words. DE is a way of doing,” says its narrator Ken Shapiro, who had directed the television-satrizing cult film The Groove Tube a few years earlier. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage, which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE. We then see various cinematically illustrated examples of DE in action, including  “the art of ‘casting’ sheets and blankets so they fall just so,” picking up an object by dropping “cool possessive fingers onto it like a gentle old cop making a soft arrest,” and even gun fighting in the old west as practiced by Wyatt Earp, the only gun fighter who “ever really grasped the concept of DE. Van Sant completed The Discipline of DE, his sixth short film, in 1978.

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Just over a decade later he would cast Burroughs in a highly Old Bill Lee-like role in his second feature Drugstore Cowboy, bringing him back a few years later for Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Greek, then Roman, philosophy from which the term derives. But how do we acquire these qualities, according to the Stoics? And what philosophers should we consult to learn about them? One of the most prolific of Stoic philosophers, the Roman writer and statesman Seneca, advised a typical course of action. The goal is not to make Debbie Downers of us all, but to convince us that we are stronger than we think—that even our worst fears needn’t mean the end of the world. Seneca’s stoicism is a thoroughgoing realism that asks us to account for the entire range of possible outcomes—even the absolute worst we can imagine—rather than only those things we want or have previously experienced.

Rather than a pessimistic philosophy, Seneca’s thought seems entirely practical, a means of piercing our pleasant illusions and comfortable bubbles of self-regard, and considering ourselves just as subject to misfortune as anyone else in the world, and just as capable of enduring it as well. To partake of Seneca’s wisdom yourself, consider reading this online three-volume collection of his letters, The Tao of Seneca. An Animated Introduction to Epicurus and His Answer to the Ancient Question: What Makes Us Happy? The smoldering activist-actress-director as a gawky, open-faced sophomore, her hair moussed to the very limits of her modeling school test shots? The rising political star, pimple-faced and center-parted, posing with the other three members of his high school’s Dungeons and Dragons Club? What about evergreen art star Frida Kahlo? Though her husband, muralist Diego Rivera, was the one who urged her to adopt the traditional Tehuana dress of their native Mexico as a uniform of sorts, Frida engineered her image by placing herself center stage in dozens of allegorical, intimate self-portraits.

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Much of her work alludes to the horrific accident she suffered at 18, and the tortuous treatments and surgeries she underwent as a result for the rest of her life. It shaped the way she saw herself, and, in turn, the way we see her. Her enduring appeal is such that even those who aren’t overly familiar with her work feel they have a pretty good handle on her, thanks to her ubiquity on totebags, apparel, and various gift related items—even Frida Kahlo action figures and paper dolls. What a pleasure to get to know her better.

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A collection of photos that has recently come to light introduces us to a younger, more candid Frida—both before and after the accident, when she returned to her studies at National Preparatory School. Taken together with the portraits made by her photographer father, they show early evidence of the forceful personality that would dominate and define her public image, Mary Jane-style pumps with socks, a middy blouse, and a variety of blunt bobs aside. Some of the later photos in this batch speak to her increasing interest in distinguishing herself from her female peers. Her experiments in cross dressing ensured she would stand out in every group photo, a dashing figure in suit, tie, and slicked back hair. Though this period of her life is less a matter of public record, it gets its due in the 2017 graphic novel Frida: The Story of Her Life by Vanna Vinci.

Frida Kahlo The Story of Her Life p. Ayun Halliday is an author, illustrator, theater maker and Chief Primatologist of the East Village Inky zine. Last Friday, Alexander Gerst, an astronaut living aboard the International Space Station, welcomed Kraftwerk and 7500 attendees to the Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart. Kraftwerk founding member Ralf Hütter and Alexander played a special duet version of the track Spacelab, for which Alexander had a tablet computer configured with virtual synthesizers on board. You can watch the far-out scene play out above.

If you’d like to support Open Culture and our mission, please consider making a donation to our site. When we imagine a symphony orchestra, even those of us otherwise unfamiliar with classical music imagine a conductor standing up front. What the public needs to understand about conducting is that it’s an anticipatory art,” says conductor James Gaffigan in the short Vox explainer video above. Clearly some aspects of conducting aren’t so easily explained. Hence the beauty of conducting as an art form, which encompasses exemplars as different as Gustav Mahler, represented in his day by caricatures “making crazy gestures” and “jumping up and down on the podium,” and Mahler’s contemporary Richard Strauss, who conducted by “barely moving. Gaffigan also brings in the example of Leonard Bernstein, the best-known conductor of the 20th century in the West, who in recordings of his performances is “always dancing,” who “can’t help moving around the podium, and his rhythm is contagious. But as Open Culture readers know, Bernstein could also conduct with only his eyebrows.

You can hear, and see, another perspective on what a conductor does in the New York Times video just above. There’s no way to really put your finger on what makes conducting great, even what makes conducting work,” says New York Philharmonic director Alan Gilbert. There are some conductors who look as if they’re incredibly well put together, and physically all in order,” Gilbert says. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll hear inspired music-making. There will be some conductors whose technique is ostensibly all over the place, not necessarily so clear, but something comes across, and it can even be extremely precise. John Coltrane album, Both Directions at Once, had been discovered by the family of his ex-wife Naima, and would finally be released for fans to hear.

Such discoveries can lead to dead ends and disappointments as often as to revelations. The album lives up to its title, chosen by Coltrane’s son Ravi, as a transitional document, stunning, but not particularly surprising. Recently, one of our followers reached out asking for some assistance for an important cause. She is a mental health advocate and public speaker. She asked me for help to make small crocheted turtles. As summer is at it’s peak, it’s hard to imagine that in less than two months the weather will be quite different here in Wisconsin.

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I love the four seasons, but I am much more of a warm weather girl than one who embraces the cold. My Dual Sided Washcloth is a great multipurpose solution for all your cleaning needs. From cleaning to scrubbing, this versatile project will be useful for everything in between! I just finished the third installment for the Happy Hearts Baby Dress and Vintage Style Baby Bonnet! I absolutely LOVE creating matching layette sets when designing items for babies! Enjoy making all three projects and giving them as gifts! Summer is here and the kids are home all day long!

What better way to bring in the summer than with great activities that don’t require the TV or any electronic devices. Do you have a roadtrip planned? How about a day at the beach? I love to create matching layette sets when designing items for babies. I love the idea of a cute dress with matching accessories. Today, I have the second installment for the Happy Hearts Baby Dress. I designed a Vintage Style Baby Bonnet.

June marks the official start of the summer season here in the northern hemisphere. It is the month when I get geared up to create a lot of fun-in-the-sun crochet patterns that are perfect for this time of year. Here is a pattern to launch that collection of great summer designs! It has been quite a while, but I finally completed my latest infant fashion piece!

Afghans for All Seasons-book01

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My Happy Hearts Baby Dress is a lovely one piece cotton frock made with Red Heart Yarns Scrubby Smoothie. This lovely dress has tiny popcorn stitch detail on the skirt creating two stacked hearts. If you have ever looked through a changing kaleidoscope, you are aware that by a slight shift, the designs change giving you colorful visions with each turn. That inspired my Colorful Visions Afghan!

I have found that my kitties love a good catnip buzz! These two crazy cats go a bit nuts when I put out some nip or have a toy that has that scent. 7 for a little mouse or stuffed ball is too much to keep these cats happy. I hope I’ve captured the essence of that in this project!

I’ve traded in my wedding veil for a pair of rabbit ears just in time for Easter! My Bunny Ear headband is inspired by the Snapchat filters we love to share! Now you can make your very own! This jeweled accessory is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Although winter will officially end next month, Wisconsin weather is very temperamental. We see snow even as late as May. As I plan out my future projects, I decided to add a quick cowl to the mix. This Pommin’ Around Cowl is an easy repeat pattern using Grit Stitch.

Afghans for All Seasons-book01

The tradition continues with my annual Punny Valentine’s. Each year, I create these silly sentiments using crochet and puns. I try to be as creative and amusing as possible. I do, however, have to match a pun to something I can create using my crochet magic. I do like to press the boundaries of these puns! These are my love letters for MY Valentine! Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this project: My dad will continue to be the videographer, editor, and photographer for our videos when I move away.

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I am not prepared for my post today! I write about in today’s puns? I told you that I was prepared for today’s punny caption about flowers! I announce later on, this cute rabbit amigurumi will be going live on my blog!

I’ll be hoppin’ all over the place trying to make that happen so you can enjoy a new project today. I launch my punny Valentine series! The Warm and Fuzzy Headband is just what I needed following a fresh Wisconsin snowfall! So I made one up and had to share this fantastic pattern with you! This couture headband is just what you need to top off your snow day wardrobe!

I am making the best out of these frigid temps this week as I finish yet another weather inspired pattern. With temperature well below zero and brutal wind chills, it is no wonder that my mind is always thinking of ways to stay as snug and cozy as I possibly can! My wedding is in March 2018! I chose regal jewel tone colors for my bridesmaids. Each one of my girls will be gifted my Wrapped In Jewels Shawl accented with pearlized beads and created in their coordinate colors! My top ten pattern blogs of 2017 are compiled here in one place! Whatever the case, these great projects are sure to be great hits for gifts or for yourself!

Afghans for All Seasons-book01

D.I.’s Cajun Restaurant

Who doesn’t love the drama of a great hat? It is the finishing touch to an outfit. Each hat we wear makes a statement. Why not make that statement with a fun Houndstooth Stocking Hat this year?

This Penguin Ornament is our twelfth and last pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for anyone on your gift giving list! This Holly and Berries Ornament is our eleventh pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Santa Ornament is our tenth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Wreath Ornament is our ninth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Sheep Ornament is our eighth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection!

This Cactus Ornament is our seventh pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Mitten Ornament is our sixth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Reindeer Ornament is our fifth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This Christmas Bulb Ornament is our fourth pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This adorable Owl Ornament is our third pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament collection! This is such a cute little crocheted gift to adorn your tree or use it instead of a bow on a package for the owl lover in your life!

Afghans for All Seasons-book01

When Extra Chunky Hats are all the rave, but cost an arm and a leg, we pull out our hooks and we make our very own! I’m introducing the Razzle Dazzle Chunky Hat! I love making patterns that are two-for-one special deals. My Two-Toned Cable Boot Cuffs make the perfect combination of two fun fashion accessories in one fabulous pattern! Wear one way to match your outfit today and flip them over to match a different outfit you are wearing tomorrow!

I love to be warm and cozy during the cold winter months. I love chunky blankets, over-sized sweaters and soft, comfy slippers. My Winter Chic Slippers are one way to keep toasty while you curl up on the couch with your crochet or a good book on these longer nights. Now that Halloween is here, I have compiled all the patterns in one place! Each piece to the costumes are here for you to create. Each photo is listed with the link to the coinciding blog. My very last installment in the Link and Zelda costumes is The Fairy Tunic.