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This topic provides a more complete overview of compass calibration. It will be useful if the compass is mounted in a non-standard orientation or if you need additional calibration support. Accurately setting up the compass is critical because it advanced setup the primary source of heading information.

While many autopilots have an internal compass, most will instead use an external compass. This provides more reliable data than an internal compass because of the separation from other electronics. Other ground stations may have similar features. This screen is used for setting almost all compass configuration and tuning parameters. Mission Planner supports automatic configuration of almost all parameters for the most common autopilot boards. 6, select APM with External Compass. When externally connected the COMPASS_ORIENT option operates independently of the AHRS_ORIENTATION board orientation option.

Ensure your AHRS_ORIENT parameter is correct. If enabled the flight controller will use the primary compass for heading data, otherwise the heading will be estimated from GPS. Obtain declination automatically: sets the declination based on lookup tables following GPS lock. The settings that are specific to each compass are grouped together. Some settings are only visible when the compass is enabled. Use this compass: This checkbox enables a particular compass for use by the autopilot.

Compass orientation: sets the compass orientation for externally mounted compasses. A window should pop-up showing you the state of the live calibration. You rotate the vehicle so that the red dot reaches each white dot and causes it to disappear. 600 will turn red and generate a warning. The calibration will automatically complete when it has data for all the positions. At this point, another window will pop up telling you that it is saving the newly calculated offsets.

These are displayed on the main screen below each associated compass. The video below is from earlier versions of the calibration routine but may still produce good offsets. This is recommended for vehicles that have only an internal compass and on vehicles where there is significant interference on the compass from the motors, power wires, etc. Disconnect your props, flip them over and rotate them one position around the frame.

Here is a video of the procedure based on AC3. By default the declination is looked up in a compressed table when the vehicle first achieves GPS lock. Compass Health: The compass has not sent a signal for at least half a second. Compass Variance: In the EKF solution, compass heading disagrees with the heading estimate from other inertial sensors. Compass Not Calibrated: The compass needs to be calibrated.

Advanced setup

Compass Offsets High: One of your compass offsets exceeds 600, indicating likely magnetic interference. Check for sources of interference and try calibrating again. Questions, issues, and suggestions about this page can be raised on the forums. Watch and analyze your log files from a terminal.

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Advanced setup

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You are downloading Google Earth 6. The latest version, Google Earth 6. 2, does not support Mac OS 10. This version automatically installs recommended updates.

If you’d like previous versions of Google Earth Pro, please visit the Direct Installers page. Help make Google Earth better by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google. Mac – Mac OS X 10. Training with the speed bag or any other fitness equipment carries inherent risks. The following workout information is offered for educational purposes only and is in no way endorsed or suggested to be used by anyone. Please follow all safety precautions given on any equipment and do not exceed your limits of ability or design limits of the equipment. Beginners should focus on a couple of things to overcome the biggest problems to learning.

Make sure your equipment is correct for you or it may retard your progress. The bag is not at the proper level, probably too high. Make sure it is set correctly or you will use an improper swing to hit it. It will be easier if you understand as much as you can about how the bag works. Review the topics under the section “Speed Bag Basics” so you know what to expect. Another reason that beginners struggle is hitting too hard. A speed bag can rebound several times by just the weight of your hand contacting it.

Think control bag rather than speed bag. A good tip to gain control over the speed and force of your punching is to count the rebounds. The bag can quickly outrun your ability to count, so you will have to go slow and easy to count each rebound off the board. As you gain control, you can go a little faster. Front Fist Rolling is also fairly easy for beginners. Get ready and hit it again. You are hitting a non-moving bag.

This eliminates any need to control your punching force or speed. Hit it as hard as you want. Just stop the bag and reposition before you hit it again. Let is swing until it stops hitting the Board. Just before it stops, hit it again. This eliminates any need to control your force, since you will wait until it almost stops before hitting it again.

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Watch the angles of the bag rebounding. When the bag almost stops, and is angled away from you, then hit it again – as hard or soft as you want, or can. Hit the bag and count the rebounds. Punch again after the bag makes that same number of rebounds. In this step you will have to start watching your punching force and swing movments – for you need to be ready to punch after the correct number of rebounds.

When you can do this repetitively, try and go a little faster. 2 are also good for people who may have some neuromuscular movement problems such as parkinsons disease, cerebral palsy or cervical spine conditions that warrant a slower, less repetitive punching pace. The speed bag will adapt for you perfectly. Try to increase your punching speed by swinging SMALLER, not harder. Muscular tension will eventually reduce your repetitive punching speed. Strive to punch “into” the belly of the bag, not “downward” on top of the belly area. It is sometimes hard to tell this on your own, for you don’t see your own shoulder and elbow raising up and down.

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Punching in an up and downward action rakes your fist down the front area of the bag, rather than punching into it. You want to be making more of a circling motion from the elbow. The best tip is to make the bag contact the highest part of your fist motion. Beginners should rename the “speed” bag to a “control” bag”. Trying to go fast as a beginner will only cause frustration and you may always be starting and stopping the bag. Every punch will be harder than the previous one, as you are struggling to catch the bag. Muscular tension in your shoulders and arms will increase, making it worse.

After 4 or 5 punches, you’re lost and have to start over. Too keep the bag going consistently, every punch should be of equal force. This keeps the bag going repetitively at the same speed. If you hit harder, it will go faster. With practice you will be able to vary your punching force. If you are just hitting from the front area of the bag, you might move back slightly which will make the fist contact later in your arm extension. This will reduce the size of your follow through motion and help control.

Moving your distance close and back away from the bag also helps you learn to adjust your timing for variable distances to the target. When all else fails, blame the swivel. With advanced skill, you have developed good control over your punching force and swinging motions. You can vary your speed, punching as fast or slow as you want and keep the bag going for several minutes. Perhaps you can do a few other fist techniques or elbow strikes. Whatever your skill, you are ready to advance on to learn new things. There are outward, inward and downward elbow strikes.

They will combine with the other front techniques after an odd number of rebounds. Consider using other areas of the bag, and learning the three reverse techniques. Learn to create combinations from different bag areas. Begin by passing a single fist ? Use a Front Circle Punch which hits the side of the fist, and move the fist straight through.

You do not have to purposely duck your fist under to go behind the bag! 3 of the multimedia section for speed bag combinations. Do the front double punch and extend your fists straight out by extending the elbows. Then bring your fists straight back. This is normally a smooth movement and the fists should not hesitate or stop anywhere in the movement. This will create the double fist pass through rhythm. 2 of the multimedia section for speed bag combinations.

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Try combining the reverse techniques with the elbow strikes. You can do this with either a single fist or double fist. The secret is understanding that once the elbow hits the bag, the rest of the elbow technique IS fist contacts. Just let it pass through like before.

7 of the multimedia section for speed bag combinations. You can this with either a single or double fist technique. The secret to creating combinations from all around the bag is learning to maximize your linking ability. Once you can pass your fists through the bag from front to back smoothly, consider learning the side punching techniques. Whatever YOUR skill level, discuss it with others! Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

Setup Creator Utility generates self extracting exe file which helps in deploying windows application over internet or other media. Highly meticulous EXE Builder Utility equipped with well balanced features. Assures highly optimized code size thus contributing faster setup download over internet. Excel Advanced Filter Introduction Use an Advanced Filter in Excel to create a list of unique items, or to extract specific items to a different worksheet.

Create an Excel Advanced Filter Watch this video to see the steps for setting up your criteria range, and running an Advanced Filter. The written instructions are below the video. Create an Excel Advanced Filter Here are the steps for setting up your data, and creating an Advanced Filter. Each column must have a unique heading — duplicate headings will cause problems when running an Advanced Filter.

There are no blank rows within the database. There is a blank row at the end of the database, and a blank column at the right. In the criteria range for an Excel advanced filter, you can set the rules for the data that should remain visible after the filter is applied. You can use one criterion, or several.

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In this example, cells F1:F2 are the criteria range. If you plan to copy the data to another location, you can specify the columns that you want to extract. If you want to extract ALL columns, you can leave the extract range empty for the Excel advanced filter. Select the cell at the top left of the range for the extracted data.

Type the headings for the columns that you want to extract. These must be an exact match for the column headings, in spelling and punctuation. The column order can be different, and any or all of columns can be included. You can choose to filter the list in place, or copy the results to another location. Excel should automatically detect the list range. If not, you can select the cells on the worksheet.