Advanced Overload Renaming

NET Obfuscator is a simple yet advanced advanced Overload Renaming tool for the . Obfusasm protects your code from decompilation and reverse engineering with the latest obfuscation techniques.

Assemblies are automatically obfuscated when compiled in release mode, making it simple to integrate into your release process. NET Obfuscator includes full Visual Studio integration, command line support and a standalone GUI. Class, method, property, and field names are renamed to make their purpose difficult to understand and navigation of the code awkward. Code inside classes and methods are converted to ‘spaghetti code’.

Logic based traps are also added that cause most decompilers to crash. String based data within the assembly is encrypted and compressed. Methods with different parameters are renamed with the same name. Non-essential metadata that could be used to reverse engineer the assembly is removed. The size of the assembly is also reduced as part of this process.

Advanced Overload Renaming

Assemblies are modified so that reverse engineering tools such as . Class namespaces are removed, making all classes within the assembly appear under a single namespace. Non-essential XML documentation created by the Visual Studio build process is removed. After obfuscation, assemblies are automatically re-signed if applicable.

Satellite resources used for multi-region language support, are optionally embedded and obfuscated into the main assembly. There are no mapping files, or password based name translations. Symbol names are secure, and specific to the Obfusasm installation. Assemblies are automatically scanned for serialization and reflection. If present, symbol renaming exclusions are automatically applied to prevent application instability.

In addition to automatic exclusions, specific namespaces, classes, methods, and fields can be excluded. This functionality allows stack traces to be converted back into human readable format. Stack traces can only be converted back on the machine in which the application was originally obuscated on. A full GUI is provided to both obfuscate files and configure obfuscation settings. GUI can be used to create configuration and batch files to do this for you. NET Obfuscator can optionally be integrated with Visual Studio. The Visual Studio integration allows obfuscation to be configured within the Visual Studio development environment, and is supported on VS2005, VS2008, and VS2010.

NET Obfuscator supports the following . Free Version A full 30 day trial is available. After the 30 day trial period expires. NET Obfuscator will revert to the free edition that only allows symbol renaming and stack trace translation. All advanced features such as string encryption are disabled.

Report a Bug Be the first to report a major issue and recieve a discount on your next license. Enlighten Global Illumination Enlighten redefines the way lighting is handled in games, delivering dynamic global illumination into PCs, mobile and beyond. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Can handle DMG image of MAC OS X El Capitan 10. Improved writing disk image feature, can create bootable flash drive from more ISO images including Debian 8,Ubuntu 15. V6 support, can create more bootable USB disk from ISO images including GParted Live 0. Can edit ISO images of Windows 8.

Advanced Overload Renaming

Improved writing disk image feature, massive speed boost for preparing files procedure, and can create bootable flash drive from more ISO images including Fedora 18, webc-19. 1, SSD firmware images from Lenovo, etc. Fixed a bug with handling some . Fixed a bug with handling ISO images of Fedora 17 and CentOS 6. Improved syslinux V4 support, works for wrting bootable USB disk from ISO image of Hiren’s Boot CD 14.


Improved write disk image feature, can write Ubuntu UNR 9. Can handle CD-TEXT information of . Fixed a bug with mounting multiple ISOs to virtual drive with isocmd. DVD images from some abnormal SYSTEM.

DMG images including MAC OSX 10. Improved portable environment support, can read configuration from ultraiso. Fixed a bug with editing some dual-layer . Can detect and mount to virtual drives of Daemon-Tools 4.

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New option for setting language by uikey. Fixed a conflicting problem with Gear Video 8. Fixed a bug with extracting boot image file from bootable ISOs created by Ghost 8. Fixed an access violation problem with lame_enc.

Advanced Overload Renaming

Fixed a compatible problem of . Fixed a bug with handling DOS 8. Fixed a ‘very slow CD read’ bug when making . Can create DVD-Video ISO image from .

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Can extract video files to . Shell integration ‘Convert to ISO’ action with . Fixed a bug with adding . Fixed a bug with extracting . Fixed a bug with opening .

Advanced Overload Renaming

Fix a bug with opening . Keeps CD-TEXT information when converting Audio CD image from . Supports Roxio burning engine, include Easy Media Center 7. 0 and Easy CD Creator 5. Application ID, Data preparer, Copyright file, etc.

Supports command line parameters to create an iso image and to add files to an iso image. System ID, Volume Set Name, Publisher Name, etc. Can convert CD image to . Can save CD image in .

The ISO 9660 volumes file name may not contain ‘. The ISO 9660 volumes file name may contain many ‘. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zM8 15. MVC Action with Optional Parameters — which is better?

V4Vendetta no the first case does not need an explicit parameter when invoked as a web request. I have never seen the second action signature in practice and can’t see any usefulness of it. In my examples I have used GET requests with query string parameters but obviously the same applies with other HTTP verbs and if x was a route parameter. Darin, I’ve got a request with no parameter sent, but the value of my argument is not being set as null, instead it is the object’s default value.

Any ideas on what could be causing it? I’d open a new question but it’d probably get closed as a dupe! I figured out that it was picking up the value from elsewhere. Sorry I can’t be more specific!

You only need to specify the optional parameter value if it is going to be anything else other than null. MVC3 will automatically set null as the value of your parameter if nothing is specified in the overload, or in the call to the Action. However, its worth noting that if there are any non-optional parameters after this parameter in the signature, then null would have to be specified in the call. Therefore its best to put all optional params at the end of the signature. Please expand on what you mean when you say “is null anyway”? It’s true that the MVC framework will bind it to a null value when no parameter is provided, but be aware that it’s MVC doing this for you. In the second alternative we are explicitly specifying an overload.

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You can find code in this blog post that does exactly this. All the details about this technique is explained in great detail in linked post. Is this only applicable to the id parameter defined in the routing definition? Thank you for the idea but you might be answering a different question here.

No this is applicable to any controller action parameter. It doesn’t mean that provided parameter names have to be in routing definition. They may be related to query values, post fields as well And no, it wouldn’t be similar to your second example at all. 9243: It is of course true, that my answer doesn’t directly answer the question you’ve asked, but it provides a much better and cleaner solution that wouldn’t get you to your question in the first place.

Robert I would suggest posting this as an answer to this question. Action method selectors are advanced topic in MVC. Not the answer you’re looking for? Can you overload controller methods in ASP.

When shall I use nullable int in my controller action and what is it’s use in asp. How do I use multiple GET methods on the same route in ASP. Nullable type as a generic parameter possible? The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

How do I accept an array as an ASP. Should I decline a request to tutor a class I will be taking? How accurate is the hand technique for grilling? How to avoid the language barrier when there is no time to learn the other language? Condensor went, HVAC guy is blaming electrician, is this possible?


What makes a high speed USB cable high speed? When a creature is hit with more than one fireball simultaneously, do they take damage from all of them? Stupid’ Characters Make Plot Narratives Memorable? Can you use the Seeming spell and the Illusion Wizard’s Illusory Reality feature to swap out an enemy’s weapon? How to avoid stripping screw heads?

Advanced Overload Renaming

What techniques were used in this late 1970s car ad featuring a family picnicking with giraffes? String literal first or second in concatenation? Proof that a strictly decreasing sequence of nested intervals boils down to a single point. I’m the sheriff of code golf! Is life insurance a financially sound safety net? How would skeptics know that a single-engine plane could not destroy a falling meteor? How did this email list a fake recipient?

Every Mac comes equipped with assistive technologies to help students with special needs experience the power and simplicity of OS X. The Mac has several features designed to help students with cognitive and learning disabilities get organized, stay focused, and learn in ways that fit their unique capabilities. Simple Finder Using parental controls, the Mac can be set up to provide a greatly simplified experience that may be better for students with cognitive and learning disabilities. Simple Finder reduces the Dock to just three folders.

Limit the list of apps a student can open to only the ones you choose, so students can stay focused. Safari Reader For some students, navigating the web can be a sensory overload. Safari Reader reduces the visual clutter on a web page by removing distractions. It strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing students to focus on just the content they want. Text to Speech We all learn in different ways. Some of us learn better when more than one sense is engaged simultaneously. With Text to Speech, students can have the word or a paragraph read aloud as they’re reading it onscreen.

Choose Alex — the voice of Mac — or other male or female voices to do the reading. Students can also adjust the speaking rate and select from over 20 built-in languages. Dictionary Stumbling across unfamiliar words is bound to happen when reading new texts or learning new subjects. Word Completion Word completion in OS X can help students who have print disabilities or cognitive challenges or are learning English improve their vocabulary and word-building skills. Dictation Dictation can help students with disabilities like dyslexia or dysgraphia by letting them speak what they need to write.

They can reply to an email, search the web, or even write an entire report using just their voice. Students can navigate to any text field, activate Dictation, and start talking. Dictation converts their words into text. Summarize Looking at a densely written page can be overwhelming.

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To help keep the attention of students who tend to lose focus, Summarize condenses long passages into shorter, more easily digestible segments. So students who benefit from hearing text rather than reading it can listen to assignments on their own time. Photo Booth Students can use Photo Booth to take snapshots and make short videos, giving them another way to communicate. For instance, students who struggle with personal interaction — like answering a direct question — may find it easier to see their own face on the screen in order to begin communicating. Calendar With Calendar, students can get pop-up reminders so they know when their next band practice is or when their next math assignment is due. With a digital camera and Photos, many aspects of learning that are traditionally print oriented can be captured in a concrete, visual way.

This can help students who are struggling readers or learning English. Movie can also help strengthen sequential ordering skills, and give students the chance to use visual-spatial strengths and develop their storytelling skills. Spotlight File structures can be confusing. Spotlight gives students an easy way to track down files, assignments, or email.

It’s a lightning-fast search technology built into OS X that students can use to quickly pull up what they’re looking for. It lets students who are home or hospital bound engage with the rest of the class. Or allows a therapist to observe a student in action without disrupting the teacher’s lesson. Speech Students who have difficulty with expressive speech can benefit from the assistive features in OS X. Message lets students chat with classmates about homework via text.

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Zoom Zoom is a built-in magnifier that enlarges anything on the screen up to 20 times. Students can use it full screen or picture-in-picture, which allows them to see the zoomed area in a separate window while keeping the rest of the screen at its native size. So students can better read an essay, view a diagram, or focus in on maps. Activate it in a variety of ways, from a keyboard command to a trackpad gesture. Dictation Dictation lets students talk where they would type. They can reply to an email, make a note, search the web, or write a report using just their voice. Invert Colors If a higher contrast helps students better see what’s on the screen, OS X lets them change display settings.

Braille Displays for OS X The Mac provides true plug-and-play support for over 40 USB and Bluetooth refreshable braille displays — no additional software needed. You can even connect multiple braille displays to a single Mac so many students can follow a lesson at the same time. Every gesture and facial expression is in crystal clear detail. Closed Captions Closed captions offer all kinds of visual learners the ability to see captions in video to help with comprehension.

Captions appear onscreen in easy-to-read white type on a black background. In these situations, typing is the fastest and most universal way to communicate. Mono Audio Stereo recordings usually have distinct left- and right-channel audio tracks. Students use the podcasts to learn inflection and how to differentiate one voice from another. Or students can convert words to text simply by speaking. Multi-Touch Trackpad The Multi-Touch trackpad is built into every Mac notebook. And the Magic Trackpad is designed to work with Mac desktop computers.