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Look up joist in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A joist is a horizontal structural member used in framing to span an open space, often between beams that subsequently transfer loads to above The Rest Construction L L C members. Joists are either made of wood, engineered wood, or steel, each of which have unique characteristics.

Typically, wood joists have the cross section of a plank with the longer faces positioned vertically. Wood joists were also used in old-style timber framing. The invention of the circular saw for use in modern sawmills has made it possible to fabricate wood joists as dimensional lumber. A single floor or simple set of joists. If the joists land directly above the studs they are stacked. Joists must exhibit the strength to support the anticipated load over a long period of time. In many countries, the fabrication and installation of all framing members including joists must meet building code standards.

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Considering the cross section of a typical joist, the overall depth of the joist is critical in establishing a safe and stable floor or ceiling system. Standard dimensional lumber joists have their limitations due to the limits of what farmed lumber can provide. Engineered wood products such as I-joists gain strength from expanding the overall depth of the joist, as well as by providing high-quality engineered wood for both the bottom and the top chords of the joist. A double floor is a floor framed with joists supported by larger timbers. These joists land on a beam.

Between some of the joists is a form of pugging used for insulation and air sealing. Joists can have different joints on either ends such as being tenoned on one end and lodged on the other end. A reduction in the under-side of cogged joist-ends may be square, sloped or curved. Typically joists do not tie the beams together, but sometimes they are pinned or designed to hold under tension. Shortened joists are said to be crippled.

The outermost joist in half timber construction may be of a more durable species than the interior joists. In a barn, loose poles above the drive floor are called a scaffold. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Joists. Montefiore a expliqué, en regardant sa bague que les inscriptions hebreu sur cette derniere veut dire: “les possesseurs de tout”.

Imaginez que tout cela était deja planifié depuis plus de 100 ans. History on Swiss-Moroccan relations received by: Courtesy of Swiss Foreign Minister M. Thus, I hope following summary of my impressions will prove timely to Department in developing its over-all Middle East policy, and particularly in shaping its position on MEDO and several items on GA agenda. But Zionism was something else which was cruelly selfish and dangerously aggressive. Arab soul which will never heal. And what was done could not have been done except through active intervention and continuing support of US. US loans and grants will cause Arabs to forget and forgive.

French and British imperialism in North Africa regularly was the second subject introduced by Iraqis. African Arab states are controlled by French and British armies with civil liberties suppressed and right of self-determination denied. Western civilization depends on the West practicing equality now and abandoning in the next GA its outmoded policy of discrimination. Communism as the only alternative to the former shining but now corroded democratic ideal. Our Point IV program was lightly brushed aside. Ministers, generally sympathetic, said it had had little impact to date.

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The more critical complained that we had oversold the program for two years and ended by creating a housing shortage in Baghdad to provide homes for TCA personnel. Point IV aid to bribe the Arabs to forget Palestine. But it was the British that received the heavy fire. My informants seemed to prefer to look to the past rather than the future. They felt things were not right and so sought someone to blame. The British and their Iraqi friends were the natural targets and they were pounded unmercifully.

Arab language pro-Western newspaper in Iraq, and therefore those who hold pro-Western views ae shy while others who hold anti-Western views shout them out. Area defense was a subject where the chief interest was to reject the concept of Western participation. Today neutrality is the refuge planned against time when war clouds threaten. Iraqis professed to prefer an untried Soviet occupation to an actual British domination.

Above The Rest Construction L L C

Moreover, in two World Wars Arabs fought with the Allies but experienced disillusionment and felt abandoned in the post-war periods. So area defense, which they interpret as involvement and as inviting Soviet attack, is unpopular and will not be embraced now as an idea. Iraqi military and through them improve the likelihood of eventual association of Iraqi Government. This description points up how weak our position is in Iraq. In view of location of Iraq, this situation seems serious to me, even hazardous, and cries for remedial action. Iraq is characteristic of that in other Arab countries. If it is, then we should re-examine whether the lands, manpower and oil of Arab World are as important to us as we have thought.

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Assuming that they are, I suggest that we look urgently to our plans to bring the Arabs around to the Western outlook. First, is the restoration of the Arabs’ confidence in American good will and good faith. A dramatic way to bring this home to the Arabs might be by insisting on enforcement of the United Nations resolutions on Palestine. It might also be accomplished as effectively but less dramatically through our day by day decisions demonstrating that our Middle East policy is as genuinely concerned with the re-actions of the Arabs as that of the Israelis. To harmonize such with world conditions today we may have to insist that the UK assume in the Middle East the same statesmanlikle attitude it assumed in the Indian sub-continent in 1946 and then insist that the French adopt a similar attitude.

I realize that these are heavy demands, but the Middle East is a great prize. Middle East for the justice of its position our local friends will not risk raising their voices to support us. United States traditionally has enjoyed in this area. Time of Hassan I, 1873-1894 Ref: La Douane marocaine à travers l’histoire. Les régimes des Oumanas des douanes.

Above The Rest Construction L L C

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Berber Jews of the Atlas Mountains, c. Ref: History of the Jews in Morocco. Letters and Notes from His Voyage to North Africa. March: We have been held prisoner for the past five or six days in a house in the city, pending the time for our audience and etc. March: Yesterday we were received in audience by the emperor. He receives his visitors on horseback, with all his guard around him on foot.

He suddenly appears through a doorway and comes towards you, with a parasol behind him. He looks very like our own king, only with a beard and somewhat younger. He is between forty-five and fifty. The Moors are fantastically jealous, and it is on these terraces that their women usually take the air or visit one another.

Le Maroc et Le Riff en 1856 par H. D’Arlach, Paris, 1856 on page 19: Abd-er-Rhaman, empereur du Maroc, est âgé de soixante-dix à soixante-douze ans. Angehörige des Tercios – Spanische Fremdenlegion – während des Rifkrieges präsentieren stolz die Köpfe getöteter Kabylen. Eine der üblichen Methoden, zu demonstrieren, dass man genau so schrecklich war wie der Gegner. The name Martil comes from the Spanish name of Rio Martin at the time of the Spanish protectorate of Northern Morocco. Le Commandant Mohammed Ben Abou par E.

Ben Abou etait le Commandant d’une escorte militaire pour proteger le Comte de Morney pendant son voyage de Tanger à Meknès entre décembre 1831 à juillet 1832. In the summer of 1856, while on a training cruise of Prussian warships, he was shot at by pirates within sight of Morocco’s Rif coast and was wounded. He laid siege to the city in 1771 and again from December 9th, 1774 to March 19th, 1775, with over 10’000 projectiles shot into Melilla. On December 25th, 1780, Spain and Morocco signed a Treaty of Aranjuez, in which Spain ceded some territory to Morocco, which in turn recognized Spanish rule over the remainder of Melilla. Das Modell wurde von Martin Everard Hunsche nach Vorgaben der Alttestamentler Prof. Wolfgang Zwickel im Maßstab 1:50 erbaut.

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The Noble Sanctuary is the third holiest site in Islam, revered as the destination of Muhammad’s journey to Jerusalem, and the location of his ascent to heaven. The site is also associated with all the Jewish biblical prophets who are also revered in Islam. The site is the location of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the oldest extant Islamic structure in the world. Sharif Sidi Muhammad III married his daughter Lalla Lubaba in 1779 to her cousin Sharif Surur bin Masa’ad, Grand Sharif of Mecca – eldest son of Sharif Masa’ad bin Said II, Grand Sharif of Mecca.

This state coach looks very similar to the one described by E. Delacroix within his letter dated March 23, 1832. The red Tarboosh, symbol of the Alawites, appeared with Hassan I. Selon la legende, ce temple a été détruit entre 70 A.

Abraham Corcos est un juif marocain, un Tajer Assoltane du Mogador. En même temps il a été designé U. C’est la raison pourquoi il est devenue un protégé américain. Il a été aussi le directeur de la “Banque Péreire” du Maroc. Il a envoyé Nathan à Londres, James à Paris, Salomon à Vienne, Carl à Naples quand à Amschel, il est resté à Frankfurt- Allemagne. Carl Rothschild était le banquier du roi de Naples. Genève sur un terrain immobilier qu’il avait déjà acheter en 1855.

Son neveu, l’héritier, Maurice Rothschild, s’est marié avec Noémi C. Sir Montefiore, a Sephard and a Freemason. Sephard see: The Phenomenal Life of Sir Moses Montefiore by Raphael Chaim. Lionel Nathan Rothschild été présenté à la cour « House of Commons » le 26.

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Espagne », Lionel Rothschild a été d’accord à propos de ca. Ainsi, le Prince Louis Napoleon III Bonaparte était un Suisse. En mars 1871, il a fuit en Angleterre ou il est décédé le 9. Quand Napoleon III vivait en Thurgovie, au palais d’Arenenberg, il a demandé de participer à des exercises militaires sous la direction du colonel G.

Lettre du Sultan Ismail à Louis XIV du 2 juin 1681. Il demande si elle se trouve entre les mains de Louis XIV, qu’il suppose être un descendant de l’empereur grec. Le premier docteur Suisse à Mogador, 1886. 1900 à Mogador à l’age de 41 ans.

Above The Rest Construction L L C

Back to Basel in 1911 he worked for a US Life insurance until 1933, became an art dealer and d. Ref: Journal für Ornithologie, Band 111. The Editors of “Novitates Zoologicae”, Zoological Museum, XXX, 1923, incl. Ref: Letters to: An den hohen Bundesrath der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft in Bern, Marokko, 4. Corcos était le mariage de David Corcos et de Georgette Afriat. Maroc après la destruction du temple en 586 avant Jésus Christ. Abraham à travers son deuxième fils Isaac par sa mère Sara.

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Hassan I, a Freemason, 1873 – 1894. Hassan I et Ba Ahmed ben Moussa étaient au chemain de retour du sud que soudenement Hassan I tomba malade puis mort. Il été Chamberlain sous la direction de Hassan I et Grand Vizier sous la direction du Sultan Abdel-Aziz. Ba Ahmed a aidé les Français à prendre le pouvoir au Maroc. Abdel-Aziz, 1894 – 1909, a régné sous le régime de Ba Ahmed ben Moussa jusqu’ à qu’il a finalement pris tout le pouvoire le 13. En 1909, il a été obligé d’abdiquer en faveur de son demi-frère ainé , le Hafid. Au Maroc depuis 1912 – 1925.

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Il a pris sa retraite comme résidant général en 1925. Il été proclamé par abdication de son demi-frère le 12. Croissant par la Croix au Maroc et en Afrique. Hafid été proclamé comme futur Sultan par son demi-frère Abdel-Aziz. Le Sultan Hafid été reconnu par le gouvernement Fançais et il a regné depuis 1909 jusqu’à 1912.

1912, il a signé le traité à Fès. Hafid est devenu un Franc-Maçon et il est mort en exile en France le 4. Sir John été un consul general britannique au Maroc de 1845 à 1886. Son père, Edward William, de 1829 à 1845. Celui qu’on nomme le père de Hassan II.

Sultan Sidi Mohamed V est mort d’une simple operation chirurgicale au nez à l’age de 52 ans! Abdessadeq el-Glaoui, un autre fils du Glaoui. Hassan a annoncé la mort du Sultan Mohamed V et il s’est déclaré roi le jour même, 26. Thami el-Glaoui, le pacha de Marrakech, 1879-1956. Un collaborateur fidèle des Français qui se sont servi de ses propres ambitions politique. C’est lui le père de Hassan II.

Pour Sinhedrion ou Sanhedrin voir: en. Iran vont être les prochaines cibles si vous, les gens, ne les arrêtez pas. 4000 années intérêt dans cette région. Corcos a commencé depuis mile ans en Espagne et elle est considérée comme une des plus anciennes familles juives Sephardi. Déjà au début du 10ème siècle on peut trouver les noms Corcos, Corosa et Carcause en Espagne. A Rome, ils ont servi comme des chefs de communauté, Dayyanim et Rabbins pendants plusieurs générations.

Un des plus proéminent était Salomon Corcos, nommé comme un dayyan en 1620. En France, Fernand Corcos était réputé comme un avocat et un sioniste dévoué qui a visité Yishuv en Palestine dans les années 20 et 30. Les membres de la famille ont aussi prospéré dans le commerce international en Hollande depuis 1666. Joseph Corcos qui a vécu dans la première moitié du 16ème siècle, était un Talmudiste de naissance Espagnol et servait comme un rabbin en Egypte et Jérusalem. Tunisie, en Algérie et au Maroc.

Ceux qui sont arrivés au Maroc ont établis cette branche de la famille qui est devenu clairement la plus couronnés de toutes les branches. Il est venu à Fès et est devenu un des chefs spirituel de la communauté des « réfugiés ». Celle la a déterminé la vie sociale et religieuse de toute la communauté juives Marocaine. Il était un commentateur Talmud, conseiller financier et un banquier de la cour pour le Sultan Moulay Ismail, un des plus importants Sultans Marocains. Joshua Corcoc était une personnalité remarquable, surnommé « le millionnaire du Mellach », car il aidait financièrement la communauté.