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CBS 47 Eyewitness News Investigates: Dishwasher Danger? 300 if you bought a replacement dishwasher. Whirlpool-brand dishwasher, even if it never overheated, and even if they no longer own the dishwasher. Whirlpool has also agreed to update its service and training bulletins to further emphasize the importance of not tampering with or bypassing certain built-in safety devices, and to post notice of the settlement benefits on packaging for replacement parts. Additional information is available on the settlement website: www. On September 9, 2013, Klein Lyons together with Alberta law firm James H. Associates filed a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool Corporation, Sears Holdings Management Corporation, Sears Roebuck and Co.

Whirlpool Canada LP, for manufacturing and selling defective dishwashers that can have serious failings including spontaneous fires from a defective control panel. The lawsuit alleges that the dishwashers are dangerously defective. Specifically, the electronic control board on the dishwashers may overheat, causing a fire. The complaint in that action alleges that the dishwashers contain a dangerous defect and the product is a fire hazard. Each dishwasher is equipped with an electronic control board and has a unreasonable propensity to over-heat.

Is your dishwasher one of the models at risk? Well unfortunately its kind of a complicated answer. The lawsuit only names 6 models. Did your Whirlpool manufactured dishwasher catch your house on fire?

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Do you have video of your Whirlpool manufactured dishwasher on fire? How much did you pay for it? The Dishwasher quit working after smelling hot. Thank God we were home when this happened. If by TV News, which station, where? Dishwasher stopped working and house electrical breaker was tripped. After inspection, found that the unit’s circuit board connectors are burnt, and wiring melted the material inside the door panel.

After inspection, noticed that the circuit board connectors are burnt. 2018, my wife and I heard a weird noise. 10 minutes later, there was more noise and smoke coming from the side vent. Tried opening the door and cancelling the cycle, but it wouldn’t shut off.

I had to turn off the circuit breaker in the basement to get it to turn off and stop smoking. Lucky we were home and awake when this occurred. ECB wire harness connector melted and wiring burnt. 00 for service call but chose not to repair unit. I heard popping noises and smelled a terrible odor.

Friday, June 4, 2010

When my repairman opened the door panel, there were melted wires and plastic parts, charring, and burned insulation inside the door. After a week the house still smells and my throat has been sore. Wife was outside and heard fire alarm . Went in and kitchen was full of black smoke. I took pictures if anyone would like to see them. Was told by factory tech then, that the  odor was caused by something falling on the heating element.

We were not convinced, but trusted what we were told and continued to use the unit. The Factory Tech reported to whirlpool that odor was caused by sump pump motor. Came home and a strong  burnt plastic smell was coming from the dishwasher. Checked heating element but nothing there. Dish washer has not worked since.

Good thing we were home, otherwise might have been serious damage to kitchen and home. Whirlpool and Sears refused to cover because I had dishwasher hauled away and replaced before I found out about this suit. Opened dishwasher and flames shot out at my husband. Started smoking with a electrical smell. Per various website videos, inspected control board and it was burnt in several spots. Dishwasher dead and does not respond. During washing, noises and smoke starting coming from front panel.

Smelled something burning seen smoke coming from dishwasher. Upon turning dishwasher on this evening, smoke came pouring out, causing us to evacuate the house and call 911. Firefighters identified the source of the fire as the control panel of the unit. Breaker has been cut off until the issue can be resolved. Dishwasher running, we were about to leave the house and noticed odor of electrical fire and smoke. Eliminated other potential causes and zeroed in on dishwasher. Shut off power and allowed to cool before removing panel cover.

Control panel was “blackened” and smelled burnt. Control Board Caught Fire with smoke coming from the control panel. We had to flip the circuit breaker switch to shut off. Strong electrical burning odor from door. Control board caught fire while on the wash cycle. Melted the wiring connectors and some components on the control board. Black soot was all over the inside of the unit when we took the front panel off to investigate.

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No damage was done to the surrounding cabinets. Had to pull the breaker to shut it off. Control Board caught fire burning the board and melting the wiring and wiring harness. House filled with smoke and we found it coming from the dishwasher. Pulled out a completely burned out control board and wiring harness. Control board and wires caught fire.

Connection to control board melted and wires in the wiring harness became hot enough to melt wire insulation and melted the insulation in the door. The control board caught on fire. Very scary as this dishwasher replaced on that we actually lost in a home fire. So very sensitive to anything that could cause our home to burn down again. The home fire was not related to an appliance. I was not home to shut off he circuit breaker to the dishwasher.

Control panel caught fire, after smoke was discovered eminating from right side of top of dishwasher. Opened door, washer did not stop, hit cancel button, washer kept running, hat to trip circuit breaker for washer to stop running. Loud arcing noise every few seconds. Strong smell of electrical fire throughout house.

Unplugged before it burst into flames. What is the extent of your financial damages? Detailed description of the issue: Dishwasher started cycle. Water in machine started to drain across floor. No telling what could have happened if we were not home or turned on before bed as we often did.

I still don’t feel this is safe. THIS IS INSANE THAT THERE HASN’T BEEN A RECALL. Where is Kitchen Aid’s moral responsibility? Turned on dishwasher and approximately 20 minutes later flames were coming from the unit. After smelling smoke and then enteringo our kitchen, it was apparent that the dishwasher was not functioning properly. Thanksfully, we were home and much to our surprise, the top right corner of the dishwater was extremely warm to the touch and the inside sticker melted a bit.

I can’t explain what happened, other than to say that I’m thankful we didn’t run the dishwasher at night as we were going to sleep. The smell is absolutely overbearing and the smoke is just looming in the house. Circuit board in door caught on fire. Luckily we were home an present in the room at the time. Wire harnesses and circuit board and casing is melted and burned up. No telling what could have happened if we were not home.


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8270233 FOR A TOTAL OF 287. 50 SO WENT OUT AND BOUGHT A NEW GE DISHWASHER FOR 350. Circuit board caught on fire and burnt the front of the machine lucky we were home. Electronics Fire – Control board caught on fire. Control board and wire harness  Fire.

Airing with open windows for two weeks did not help to remove the smell of burnt plastic in the house. Control board caught fire, smoke filled kitchen. Melted board, button panel and wiring harness. Kenmore Elite dishwasher began making noise and smell of smoke came from front panel.

Suddenly flames were shooting out of one of the openings on the panel. Soot all over the front panel. Flames shot out of the top right side on to our cabinets. This happened right after my wife turned the dishwasher on. I went to the breaker box and killed the power to it.

The unit is cooked all the wires and circuit boards are melted. 2 hour into the wash cycle we smelled an electrical fire. Smoke was spewing out of the dishwasher while it continued the wash cycle. We could not turn it off with the control panel. Opening the dishwasher caused smoke from the electrical fire to engulf the kitchen. We had to shut off the electricity at the breaker box. I am shocked there is not a fuse in the dishwasher.

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The short will not cause your breaker to trip. Kids noticed bad smell while I was outside, and smoke coming from top of dishwasher in the first 15 minutes of a cycle. Cycle stopped, and we turned the gfi to the dishwasher off. Turned dishwasher on and about five minutes later observed smoke coming from vent. Opened dishwasher and determined smoke was coming from control panel. Pulled plug and haven’t used since. I still have unit for inspection.

Kids had sense to call 911. House smelled awful for several hours. Wiring harness burnt, smoke throughout home. I believe came from the control board.

During wash cycle, dishwasher started popping and cracking with smoking. Wife went to shut off circuit breaker, but it shut off before she got there. Technician said main circuit board was fried as well as part of wiring harness. Dishwasher main control board and wiring harness meltdown – filled house with toxic smoke. Looks just like the pictures shown on this website. Does someones home burn down before they recall?

Machine started smoking, opened door and flames shot out. Same thing as many others who have posted on this site. Reported to Kitchenaid, they claim no recall, and will not respond to this site. Rep claims will only address websites ending in . Wire harness fires, control board burned, fuses blown many times, and had repaired. During a normal wash cycle with pump running the Dishwashers Control Board caught fire behind front cover where the power wires and relays are located. There was a flash, smoke bellowed out of front right side and severe smell of plastic burning existed.

Pressing the Cancel Button would not stop the unit. The Circuit Breaker had to be turned off. Control board blackened and wiring plug melted. Same as all the other reports. I called Kitchen Aid and was referred to Brenda in the Safety Department who has scheduled a service call for today.

I’m certainly glad I found this web site before the service call. Smell and smoke started coming from the dishwasher during the dry cycle. Fire dept opened door inside and saw charred control panel area. Near fire, except for my husband’s quick actions to run to the basement and turn off the breaker.

Thankfully I was in the kitchen at the time of the incident and was able to call out to him. We were astonished that this incident did not trip the electrical breaker. Postcode: 45248 Country: United States Phone: Email: Store purchased from: HHGregg Purchase date: July 5, 2008 Date of the incident? August 15,2015 How much did you pay for it? Brand: Whirlpool dishwasher Model number: GU2400XTPB3 Serial number: FS0807285 Full Name: TONI M. Postcode: 446OL Country: United States Phone: Email: Store purchased from: LOWES Purchase date: 2007 How much did you pay for it?

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Brand: Sears Kenmore dishwasher Model number: 665. 16489300 Serial number: FR3304568 Full Name: Steven M. Found thermal safety switch open due to high amperage. Turns out this model has been in a class action lawsuit due to same problem with fires.

Model number: KUDl01TJBL0 Serial number: F14633978 Full Name: Eric K. Country: USA Phone: Email: Store purchased from: 2nd owner Purchase date: house bought in 2010 Date of the incident? Dishwasher was running and we observed strong burning smell that filled up kitchen and surrounding rooms. Fortunately we were awake and able to turn off circuit breaker.

L65792O1 Serial number: FM47OL22 Full Name: Richard V. Country: Usa Phone: Email : Store purchased from: Sears Purchase date: 2003 Date of the incident? 2O17 How much did you pay for it? Control board caught fire, also burned up wire harness and insulation. 2014 How much did you pay for it? Explain incident in detail: While running dishwasher a burning smell coming from the door was noticed.

Model number: KUDKO3CTBL Serial number: Fw3703605 Full Name: James T. Country: Phone: Email: Store purchased from: HHGregg Purchase date: 2009 Date of the incident? Country: United States Phone: Email: Store purchased from: lowes State College Pa Purchase date: 2012 How much did you pay for it? Was blowing thermal fuse- that was fixed by installing new fuse and retrofit of wire harness supplied with new fuse. There is an electrical smoky smell coming from the door, but no overt signs of fire.

It continues to run after the breaker is reset- have not found any location for the short- appears to be somewhere in the door. Brand: Sears Kenmore dishwasher Model number: 16482300 Serial number: FR3205654 Full Name: Christine R. Country: United States Phone: Email: . Store purchased from: Sears – Redding, CA Purchase date: approx. S years How much did you pay for it? Strong odor of burning plastic from upper area of dishwasher door permeated entire house. 16463300 Serial number: FR1705525 Full Name: Grant K.

Country: United States Phone: Email : Store purchased from: Not sure i think sears Purchase date: How much did you pay for it? Smoking from door by control board. O1 How much did you pay for it? Brand : Sears Kenmore dishwasher Model number: 665. 172634OO Serial number: FR5103901 Full Name: Sue P. Country: United States Phone: Email: Store purchased from: Sears Purchase date: 2003 or 04 unsure of date How much did you pay for it?

The electronic control panel overheated, emitted a lot of smoke, made a huge pop and a big spark when the dishwasher was on. It filled the house with smoke immediately and ruined the appliance. 17463300 Serial number: FR3008757 Full Name:Jean A. Country: United States Phone: Email: Store purchased from: Sears Purchase date: How much did you pay for it?

Unit was installed in November 2OO4. Set dishwasher, went to bed and woke up to smoking unit which must have shorted out mid load. Part of the front control panel is melted and house smells! 2016 How did you find us?