17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas not a robot. Call it what you like, a blanket, a throw, an afghan–or my favorite twist, the “lapghan”–but don’t call it difficult.

If you know the basics of crochet, you can make this super soft, super cozy afghan in about 6 hours. A friend gave me a green one after I had surgery, and it now has a permanent home on the arm of my couch. I use it almost every day. It is so soft, and it drapes perfectly around your every curve to keep you warm. After that, I begged her to show me how to make it, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was! So easy that I made one for a friend’s birthday, one for my sister’s birthday, and one each for my parents and in-laws for Christmas. I used the Homespun “Harvest” color, which is variegated, so it has a beautiful array of colors.

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I added a little something to it by weaving a long piece of brown satin ribbon through the second-to-last row. I’m going to give you your first free one. Jumbo plastic crochet hook, about 15. Row 1: sc in each chain to end. Rows 2-60: sc in next st, and in each st across.

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Repeat until row 60, or until it is wide enough for your liking. Ribbon–Weave in a piece of coordinating ribbon through every other stitch on the second-to-last row of each end. Finish by looping ribbon around the outside of the last stitch and tying in a knot. Fringe–Cut 12″ pieces of the same yarn, enough to create a full fringe along the short edges.

Fold pieces in half, thread looped end through a stitch, pull ends through the loop, and tighten. Repeat until fringe is to your liking. Simple border–sc in each stitch around the entire blanket. If all that pattern talk looked like gobbledy-gook to you, but you’d like to learn this new language, there are a couple of things we can recommend. Crocheting and knitting used to be essential skills to most women.

17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

I love that women are reclaiming these arts, even though it’s more expensive to make a blanket than to buy one. There is most likely a woman in your life who has these skills and would love to share them with you. If not, find a class at your local craft store or yarn shop. There are tons of crochet how-tos and videos online, as well as a whole shelf of books at the library or book store. Or check out the book section at the craft store. Google “how to crochet” and check out all the tutorials and videos there are.

We like Lion Brand’s step-by-step tutorial for getting started. Over the next month we’ll feature some of our crochet projects, a giveaway, as well as more free patterns we’ve developed just for our readers so you can take advantage of all the great yarn sales going on. Now is the time to get “hooked” on crochet! I have always want to learn how to crochet or knit. I don’t really know the difference between the two but I want to learn!

17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

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You are right they are SO simple! I can’t even read a crochet pattern and i have completed fully functional beautiful blankets that noone would be the wiser to! LOVE the brown silk ribbon weaved through the bottom of one of the afghans. I have on my long to-do list to crochet a blanket, one that will be all lined up, not crazy like the 3 scarves hanging in my closet!

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I’ll come back to this and follow your instructions! I may have ot add some to my already crocheted blankets. So perfect for working on in front of the tv. I will be checking back to see what you guys have to share! I just remembered that I know how to crochet and I love your afghans! Especially with the addition of the ribbon!

I’m going to have to make me a few of these. You mentioned a couple times this afghan is made with “two strands of yarn. Does that mean you actually use two individual strands throughout the process? Or is it just that the Lion Brand Homespun is thick like two strands? That’s why this can be an expensive project–it’s double the yarn! I’m leaving to go buy yarn right now. Thanks for such an inspiring site.

I live in the middle of nowhere, and during the winter it’s stuff like this that keeps me going! I would love to make her one for her little peanut – obviously it would have to be smaller – can you help me with measurements, etc. How many skeins would I need for a baby size blanket? I just noticed you put my blog Simplebeans on your side barthe “blogs that inspire us” bar. I would go down to a little smaller hook, maybe N or P, and maybe even pick a boucle baby yarn instead.

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There are tons of great “baby” yarns out there. Stick with the same number of rows across, but maybe make it half as long. Use it for as much as I cangreat for shawls, too. I’ll have to give this one a try. What a great project to do while sitting by the fire on a cold winter day. You mentioned at the top of the article using 2 strands of yarn, but its not mentioned in the directions.

17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

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I would like to make one! I’m going to have to learn how to do this nowI’d love to make a soft blanket like that. Now, I’ve got a question–how were you able to tell where the chains are to build? Did you have to count your chains every row to make sure you got the right number? The yarn is so thick, I can’t tell where to build! I crochet for babies, and the gold one a perfect color I have not yet used. It took me about 6 hours and I made it as large as I could till I ran out of wool.

17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

This was my first “real” project. When I say sort of I mean it took me a long time to get the knack of turning without adding or dropping a stitch! Since I had such a success with this – I have made 3 scarves and a pair of fingerless gloves that I did with no pattern. I have tried knitting in the past with no luck – wish I’d tried crocheting much much sooner! I think I have a few years to get good before the grandkids arrive.

This one looks very nice and warmand not too difficult to take up either. I have made two of these blankets over the past month and can’t believe how easy and comforting they are! My friends have also made blankets with this pattern and love it. I also appreciate the suggestion to add ribbon to the edge- it is such a easy way to really finish the blankets. I have tried to make other afghans and have a hard time sticking to it til the end because they take way too long! This pattern is perfect for us impatient crocheters. Please clarify do you use one or two strains of yarn for the sc?

I just finished my first afghan using this pattern. I also used Homespun yarn in Bourbon. However, my fringe is frayed badly. I note that your pink afghan doesn’t look like it’s having any serious fraying. Is there any secret to stopping this from happening?

17 Crocheted Towel Pattern Ideas

I have subscribed to your blog. It looks like you double crochet in every other chain. When I did the single crochet I don’t have the big loops in the stitches like yours does, am I doing something wrong? I got new ideas to make yarn blankets at home, your steps to make a Blanket is very helpful for me. Is this pattern really all single crochet?

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I want mine to look like yours! When you say jumbo hook what is the exact hook size? Also, is it just sc in every stitch across for the whole afghan? Please clarify as I would love to make this one.

I have the basics down pretty well and would love to give your pattern a go, but Im not quite sure what you mean when you say “sc in next st, and in each st across. I am a new crocheter and want to make this for my sister as she is having surgery soon. Is the pattern just all single crochet as it reads? If so, I can’t imagine it having all the spaces as it does in your photos. I feel like something is missing. And thanks again for your very fun blog! I am well into making this blanket and it is coming out great!

I’m doing all single crochet with an M sized hook and it’s super easy! This one is for my sister but I’ll definitely be making one of these for me soon! 75mm hook is the Q size, it’s the big giant one. Yes you use 2 strands of yarn together as if it were one thick strand while you crochet. You get the holes by using the Q size hook. The bigger hook makes for bigger gaps. I just started this pattern this weekend as a birthday gift to my daughter in law to be.

I am using “Parfait” from Homespun and it looks like strawberry shortcake. I can’t believe how soft this yarn is, but you are right it is not good for fringe. It looks like a stitch that I use a lot. I call it a modified shell. You put 2 double crochet, ch 2, single crochet in each ch 2 space to the end. I have made 4 of these for gifts. You are using the big fat Q hook and 2 strands of yarn.

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I’m working on one right now. The big hook makes for larger stitches and bigger spaces between then. I am now on my third onelove it so much, very easy and soothing to make and a dream to lay under. Making one for my husband in “Wild Fire”,,,great colors. Just single crochets using two strands of bulky yarn! 17 and that include the three large crochet hooks. It’s too bad it’s 100 degrees outside.

I will be staring at it till it cools off. More like 20 hours, but still WAY quicker than 6 months. My whole family is super impressed how quickly this blanket was made! I see Tara’s question above, and I have the exact same question! I really want to make this beautiful afghan, but I don’t quite understand the wording of the instructions.