$1 Billion Bitcoins Lost in Mt. Gox Hack to Be Returned to Victims

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Here’s how to keep the government out of your bitcoin investments

9, 2017, file photo, traders work the floor at the New York Stock Exchange. Pay down debt or save money? FILE – In this June 15, 2017, file photo, credit cards are displayed in Haverhill, Mass. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest?

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The festivities will commence with a parade. The country has commenced preparations for war. If all goes according to plan, two spacecraft will commence close encounters of the curious kind with two separate asteroids by the end of August. Deportations would commence in April, at the start of the Passover holiday. Essential reporting, interpretation, and opinion on politics and culture. That changed this week when the Tokyo District Court halted Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy proceedings and commenced a legal process known as civil rehabilitation, allowing it to distribute the remaining Mt.

Gox assets to ex-customers and debtors. 1 Billion Bitcoins Lost in Mt. After the sort of long lead-up that can only accompany a once-every-four-years tourney, the World Cup will officially commence next week. Hiring for that facility likely will commence in the second quarter of 2019.

Today, President Nikias and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees have agreed to begin an orderly transition and commence the process of selecting a new president. In just over two weeks, the summer season will officially begin, beach vacations will commence, and wardrobes will get turned over for good. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘commence. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

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If you don’t know who Harry Markopolos is, quickly google his name and come back to this article. If you do, and you aren’t completely familiar with the relevance he has to the cryptocurrency world, let’s start with a little history. Why hasn’t the “community” done “X”? Simultaneously, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by VCs and over a couple billion dollars raised through ICOs in the past year or so, not one entity has been created by the community with the power or moral authority to rid the space of bad apples and criminals. Where is the regulatory equivalent of FINRA for cryptocurrencies? Part of this is because some elements in the community tacitly enable bad actors.

Bitcoin infrastructure was set-up and co-opted by Bitcoiners themselves, some of whom were bad actors from day one. There are many examples, including The DAO. 4 But the SEC already did a good dressing down of The DAO, so let’s look at BTC-e. BTC-e is a major Europe-based exchange that has allegedly laundered billions of USD over the span of the past 6 years. Its alleged operator, Alexander Vinnik, stands accused of receiving and laundering some of the ill-gotten gains from one of the Mt. It was several government law enforcement agencies that coordinated across multiple jurisdictions on limited budgets.

In other cases, some entrepreneurs and investors in this space make extraordinary claims without providing extraordinary evidence. Such as, using cryptocurrency networks are cheaper to send money overseas than Western Union. But those who make these unfounded, feel-good claims are not held accountable or fact-checked by the market because many market participants are solely interested in the value of coins appreciating. Anything is fair game so as long as prices go up-and-to-the-right, even if it means hiring a troll army or two to influence market sentiment. Any working groups advising the government on policy are certainly worthy of investigation. Bitfinex eventually painted over these large losses by stealing from its own users, by socializing the deficits that took place in some accounts across nearly all user accounts.

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Another user claims to have retained a lawyer and he did not have any haircut. Bitcoin industry has to avail themselves of. Yet there is little action by the cryptocurrency community to seek answers to the open questions surrounding Bitfinex. I wrote a detailed post several months ago on it and the only reporters who contacted me for follow-ups were from mainstream press.

The latest series of drama began earlier this spring: Bitfinex sued Wells Fargo who had been providing correspondent banking access to Bitfinex’s Taiwanese banking partners. Wells Fargo ended this relationship which consequently tied up tens of millions of USD that was being wired internationally on behalf of Bitfinex’s users. This also impacted the price of Tether. ERC20 token on top of Ethereum. ERC20 tokens are arguably not the same thing as a cryptocurrency, they are more like colored coins. As a corporate entity, Tether’s governance, management, and business are fairly opaque. No faces or names of employees or personnel can be found on its site.

16  Bitfinex was not only one of its first partners but is also a shareholder. Tether as an organization creates coins. USDT each of which, as is claimed on their webpage, is directly linked, 1-for-1, with USD and yen equivalents deposited in commercial banks. Which leads to the question: are the seven banks listed by the recent CPA disclosure aware of what Tether publicly advertises its USDT product as? Who is responsible for issuance, and how if at all can they be redeemed? Are they truly backed 1:1 or is there some accounting sleight-of-hand taking place behind the scenes? Theoretically they could maintain a fractional reserve to service redemptions although this isn’t a problem per se, provided that it is disclosed.

Despite myself and others having urged coin media to do so, to my knowledge there have been no serious investigations or transparency as to who owns or runs this organization. Tether offers users a way to move USD from one country to another, much like Western Union. In other words, the reason these exchanges were able to operate and survive while charging zero-fees is partially offset by these exchanges using customer deposits to invest in other financial products, without disclosing this to customers. Note: they did have withdrawal fees which likely generated revenue from arbitrageurs. Many exchanges, especially those in developing countries lacking KYC and AML processes, directly benefited from thefts and scams. Yet we’ve seen very little condemnation from the main cheerleaders in the community. For example, two years ago in South Africa, MMM’s local chapter routed around the regulated exchange, patronizing a new exchange that wouldn’t block their transactions.

26  MMM is a Ponzi scheme that has operated off-and-on for more than twenty years in dozens of countries. It was a lack of this market surveillance and customer protections and outright fraud that eventually led to many of the Chinese exchanges being investigated and others raided by local and national regulators in a coordinated effort during early January and February 2017. In addition to lying about being investigated, they were lying about the true volume on their exchanges. They combed through the accounting books, bank accounts, and trading databases, logging the areas of non-compliance and fraud. This included problems such as allowing wash-trading to occur and unclear margin trading terms and practices. China involved in fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades have announced they will close in the coming weeks, including Yunbi, an exchange that was popular with ICO issuers.

The two other large exchanges, OKCoin and Huobi, both announced on September 15th that they will be winding down their domestic exchange by October 31st. These exchanges had multiple chances to clean up their act and even self-regulate but because of the competitive pressures in China towards zero-fees, no one wanted to be left behind. As mentioned in an earlier post, cryptocurrencies are the preferred payment method for ransomware today because of their inherent characteristics and difficulty to reclaim or extract recourse. Through the use of data matching and analytics, there are potential solutions to these chain of custody problems outlined later in section 8. The opportunity costs foregone by the executive team that has to road show is often called a necessary evil. There has to be a more accessible way, right?

Often times, ICO organizers will have a private sale prior to the public ICO, this is called a pre-sale or pre-ICO sale. One reviewer mentioned: “Depending on the jurisdiction, these pre-arranged discounts might be deemed as structured products. Hence, ICOs are one of the major contributing factors as to why we have seen record high prices of many different cryptocurrencies that are used as gateway coins into ICOs themselves. 1 billion has been raised around the world for 140 different ICOs this year.

What needs to be a Bitcoin Exchange in Japan?

I’ve encountered him on a number of occasions. ICO investors so they can push the price up on a thin order book by 10x, 20x, or 30x before distributing and pulling support. 49  Here they coached the average person to launch an ICO on the fly based on the ideas of this leader to people of all demographics including the vulnerable and at-risk. Much like boiler rooms of days past. 100,000 investors acquired new cryptocurrencies through 65 ICOs in January-June . All crowdfunding platforms such as ICOAGE and ICO. ICOs and freeze plans from adding any more at this time.

There may be a legitimate, legal way of structuring an ICO without running afoul of helpful regulations, but so far those are few and far between. Similarly, not everyone involved in an ICO is a scammer but it’s more than a few bad apples, more like a bad orchard. Theranos, Juicero, and Hampton Creek, meet Coinbase, 21. Okay, so that may be a little exaggerated. But still the same, few high-profile Bitcoin companies are publishing daily active or monthly active user numbers for a variety of reasons. Founded in May 2012, the only known unicorn to-date is Coinbase.

Historically it has kept traction stats close to the chest but we got a small glimpse at what Coinbase’s user base was from an on-going lawsuit with the IRS. What did most users typically do? To be fair, the recent surge in market prices for cryptocurrencies has likely resulted in huge user growth. In fact, Coinbase’s CEO noted that 40,000 new users signed up on one day this past May. But some of this is probably attributed to new users using Coinbase as an on-and-off ramp: United States residents acquiring bitcoin and ether on Coinbase and then participating in ICOs elsewhere. Its story is not over: in the process of writing this article, 21. Blockstream is the youngest of the trio.

1 million in revenue a year. To be fair though, perhaps it does not have KPIs like other tech companies. While we would all love to see more data, this is a somewhat believable argument. Bitcoin players becomes enough of real revenue that banks would agree to higher investments and support. In the meantime, business journalists should drill down into the specifics about how raised money has been spent, is compliance being skirted, customer acquisition costs, customer retention rate, etc. If you’re looking to dig into defining modern irony, these are definitely the groups to interview.

This rigidity has diminished over time. Whereas, three years ago, most active venture capitalists and entrepreneurs involved in this space were antagonistic towards anything but bitcoin, more and more have become less hostile with respect to new and different platforms. CEO of Coinbase, two and a half years ago, was publicly opposed to supporting development activities towards anything unrelated to Bitcoin. Coinbase and other early bastions of maximalism began to support them as well. So interview them and get their oral history before they go extinct! On-chain transaction growth seems to be slowing down on the Bitcoin network and we don’t have good public insights on what is going on: are there are pockets of growth in real adoption or just more wallet shuffling?

Jamie Dimon or animated gifs involving roller coaster prices. Suddenly Bitcoin is now approaching the market cap of Goldman Sachs! Goldman Sachs cannot suddenly become permanently ownerless. These shares are registered assets, not bearer assets. We finally have some big-name media beginning to dig into the shenanigans in the space. Genesis Trading, an OTC desk which trades multiple cryptocurrencies that DCG and its staff, have publicly acknowledged at having positions in such as ETC, BTC and LTC. ICOs the parent company or its principals has a stake in?

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If coin media wants to be taken seriously it will have to take on the best practices and not appear to be a portfolio newsletter: divorce itself of conflicts of interest by removing cross ownership ties and prominently disclose all of the remaining potential conflicts of interest with respect to ownership stakes and coin holdings. Markets that transmit timely, accurate, and transparent information are better markets and are more likely to grow, see, and support longer-term capital inflows. Similarly, many of the buy-side analysts that were actively publishing analysis this past year didn’t disclose that they had active positions on the cryptocurrencies they covered. 150,000 in bitcoins because someone hacked his phone. I recommend revisiting that piece as a model for similar in-depth assessments done by people who understand B2B payments, correspondent banking and other part of global transfers. It is only good for its cartoon images.

There are some notable outliers that serve as good role models and exceptions to the existing pattern and who often write good copy. Examples of which can be found in long end note. Note: this is not an exhaustive list and I’ll likely be flamed for not including X but including Y. Journalists who write good original stories include: Nathaniel Popper, Matt Levine, and Matt Leising. Obviously the end note below is non-exhaustive nor an endorsement, but someone should try to invite some or all these people above to an event, emceed by Taariq Lewis.

That could be a good one. What about solutions to the problems and opaqueness described throughout this article? More of these analytics providers could provide even better optics into the flow of funds giving regulated institutions better handling of the risks such as the money laundering taking place throughout the entire chain of custody. Grab some warm buttery popcorn and be sure to watch Kim Nilsson’s new presentation covering all of the hacks that this infamous Tokyo-based exchange had over its existence. Journalists, it can be hard to find but the full order book information for many exchanges can be found with enough leg work. If anyone had the inclination to really want to understand what was going on at the exchange, there are 3rd parties which have a complete record of the order book and trades executed. The empirical data and stories above do not mean that investors should stop trading all cryptocurrencies or pass on investing in blockchain-related products and services.

IACS to open satellite adoption center at Broad Ripple Park – TheIndyChannel.com Indianapolis, IN

To the contrary, the goal of this article is to elevate awareness that this industry lacks even the most basic safeguards and independent voices that would typically act as a counterbalance against bad actors. In this FOMO atmosphere investors need to be on full alert of the inherent risks of a less than transparent market with less than accurate information from companies and even news specialists. Cryptocurrencies aren’t inherently good or bad. In a single block, they can be used as a means to reward an entity for securing transactions and also a payment for holding data hostage.

Generally speaking, most participants such as traders with an active heartbeat are making money as the cryptocurrency market goes through its current bull run, so no one has much motive to complain or dig deeper into usage and adoption statistics. 1 million USD aren’t too upset because they’re making even more than that on quick ICO returns. We are still at the eff-you-money stage, in which everyone thinks they are Warren Buffett. 85  The Madoffs will only be revealed during the next protracted downturn.

Like any industry, there are good and bad people at all of these companies. I have attended over the past 3-4 years and I’d say that many of the people at the organizations above are genuinely good people who tolerate way too much drivel. I’m not the first person to highlight these issues or potential solutions. But I’m not a reporter, so I leave you with these leads. While everyone waits for Harry Markopolos to come in and uncover more details of the messes in the sections above, other ripe areas worth digging into are the dime-a-dozen cryptocurrency-focused funds. Future posts may look at the uncritical hype in other segments, including the enterprise blockchain world. What happened after the Great Pivot?

To protect the privacy of those who provided feedback, I have only included initials: JL, DH, AL, LL, GW, CP, PD, JR, RB, ES, MW, JK, RS, ZK, DM, SP, YK, RD, CM, BC, DY, JF, CK, VK, CH, HZ, and PB. Because the word is mostly a marketing fiction. The cryptocurrency community needs to police itself better or it risks being policed more severely by unfriendly and unsympathetic regulators. Self-regulation is what certain hands-off banking supervisors attempted with US banks and other financial institutions 15 years ago and that ended poorly for many parties including those who were not directly responsible for making the poor decisions in the first place. Not unique to cryptocurrencies, but by enabling such bad actors, certain platform operators may even increase their short term profit.

For an in-depth look at these different costs, it is highly recommended to read this post from Save on Send. Some are convinced that this is the case because, on a small scale, the illiquidity of the end points serves to finance the operation, i. Who are these people and what are their potential conflicts of interest? For starters, in the US look at The Bitcoin Foundation and the Blockchain Alliance.

It has a complex corporate structure and is nominally based in Hong Kong, operations and incorporation of subsidiaries are in other jurisdictions including BVI. Phil Potter, an executive at Bitfinex, has spoken about the hack on multiple different podcasts including once in detail, but this has since been deleted. Bitfinex does do KYC and AML when a user withdraws USD and when they receive subpoenas. We only know who is involved through various reddit threads wherein users dox and identify themselves as employees and founders.


But maybe they do not do this either. Source for some of these questions. Now if Tether was like bitcoin, and had no physical address, it would be complicated for the authorities to enforce this requirement. Let’s assume the worst for Tether, what does that mean? If it were to collapse would it harm the small investors or the whales? A few exchanges that allow Tether also allow you to hold your deposits in USD, aside from the ability to send USDT between exchanges, which arguably could actually be a net positive because it allows clients to net positions between exchanges potentially reducing the overall credit in the system.

China with other business lines which may help offset some costs. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China starts on October 18th. All exchanges involving fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades will be closed. These have cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading and will remain operating.

Something similar was done with voucher codes sold on Taobao in 2014 as well. It was a type of collective action failure, so the government finally had to come in and clean up the mess because no one else would. These are mostly ERC20 tokens, not coins. Depending on the jurisdiction, these pre-arranged discounts might be deemed as structured products. Note: volumes can and will be written on this section alone.